Dr. Linda Van Ingen

Professor and Director of Women's Studies, 20th Century United States, Race and Gender, Historical Methods.

Office: COPH 103C   |    Phone: (308) 865-8772   |    Email: vaningenl1@unk.edu

Linda Van Ingen


Educational Background:
Ph.D. in 20th Century U.S. and Women’s History, University of California, Riverside
M.A. University of California, Riverside
B.A. University of Iowa, Iowa City

Courses Taught:
HIST 250 “American History: Colonial-1865”
HIST 251 “American History: 1865-Present”
HIST 421 “Women in America”
HIST 484 “US History 1898-1945”
HIST 485 “US History 1945-Present”
HIST 495 TS “The 1960s”
HIST 495 TS “The Immigrant Experience”
HIST 496 “Senior Seminar: Recent America”
HIST 848-online “American Women’s History”
HIST 848-online “Civil Rights Movement”
HIST 848-online “US in Cold War Era”
WSTD 220 “Women’s & Gender Studies”
WSTD 420 “Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies”


Dr. Van Ingen focuses her research on modern U.S. political and social history with a special interest in issues of gender, race, class and aging. Her publications contribute to the historiography of women in politics by exploring the limits of state suffrage for women candidates and by introducing the concept of a gendered politics of accommodation. She is currently completing a book on California women running for office from 1912 to 1970, and she has commenced a new research project on Connecticut Congresswoman Clare Boothe Luce and the politics of gender and race in the early Cold War era. She advises graduate student thesis projects in areas of civil rights, women’s history and modern U.S. political history.


  • L. Van Ingen, “Gendered Politics: California Women Running for Office, 1912-1970,” book manuscript in progress.
  • L. Van Ingen, “’One Can’t Live on Air’: Sarah McComb and the Problem of Old-Age Income for Single Women Teachers, 1870s-1930s,” History of Education Quarterly (forthcoming May 2014).
  • L. Van Ingen, “’If We Can Get Her Nominated, She is a Cinch to Elect:’ Helen Gahagan Douglas and the Gendered Politics of Accommodation, 1940-1944,” Journal of Women’s History, 24:3 (Fall 2012), 140-163.
  • L. Van Ingen, “The Limits of State Suffrage: California Women Candidates in the Progressive Era,” Pacific Historical Review (February 2004), 21-48.