Graduate Theses

Summer 2017

James Morgan “Pastoral America's Last Stand": Grover Cleveland Alexander Takes the Mound During the 1926 World Series.” Professor Mark Ellis advisor. 

Holly Toft “All Out for Victory: The Nebraska Advisory Defense Committee in World War II.” Professor Mark Ellis advisor. 

Spring 2017

Madelina Cordia “The Fruits of Their Labor: The Bracero Program in Southern Oregon, 1942-1964.” Professor Mark Ellis advisor. 

Brandy Haglin “From Laura Petrie to Wonder Woman: Analyzing the Feminist Movement Through 1960s and 1970s Prime Time Television.” Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor. 

Sarah Hoegger “Restoring Order: Law and Justice During the Reign of Henry V.” Professor Doug Biggs advisor. 

Kellie McKeehan “”Be Sure to Get the First Shot”: American Indians, Violence, and the Press in Colorado, 1860-1880.” Professor Chris Steinke advisor. 

Brittany Musil “The First Religious Cold War: The Impact of Russian Religious Repression on U.S.-Soviet Relations, 1917-1941.” Professor Carol Lilly advisor. 

Daniel Pownall “Arizona’s Fight for Statehood and its Influence on Anglo, Mexican, and Indian Cultures, 1846-1912.” Professor Jeff Wells advisor. 

Alyssa Reil “Community Building and Culture in the Atomic West: The Life and Legacy of Faith Beamer Cooke.” Professor Mark Ellis advisor. 

Andy Savery “Forgotten Frontiersman: The Life and Times of Simon Kenton.” Professor Mark Ellis advisor. 

Kim Smiley “Staking a Claim for Equality: Homesteading and Woman Suffrage in South Dakota, 1880-1920.” Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor. 

April White “Forgiving the Fallen: Progressive Hopes for Nebraska’s Reformatory Solution for Women, 1870-1933.” Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor. 

Fall 2016

Nancy Hansen “World War I Home Front in Washington County, Nebraska Disloyalty Neighbor against Neighbor.” Professor Doug Biggs advisor. 

Margaret Harris “Transportation in Late Nineteenth Century America: The Impact of Transportation Networks on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard.” Professor Jeff Wells advisor. 

Robert Weber “Hogans on the Homefront: The Making of Navajo Self-Determination from 1917-1945.” Professor Chris Steinke advisor. 

Summer 2016

Elizabeth Bradley "Look at that Distraction: Pastimes, Activities, and Free Time in Civil War Military Camps." Professor Doug Biggs advisor.

Robert Foresman "Winfield Charles Noyes: Early Twentieth-Century Rural Baseball in Buffalo County, Nebraska." Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Cory Halvorsen "From Assyrians to Americans: Faith, Culture, and Politics of Early Twentieth-Century Syrian Immigrants in Western North Dakota." Professor Mark Ellis advisor. 

Sadie Hart "Urban Community Leaders: Ojibwe and Dakota Women, Urbanization, and Community Renewal in the Twin Cities From 1940 to 1969." Professor Mark Ellis advisor. 

Ron Judd "The Liberal Arts on Trial: Charles H. Fisher and Red-Scare Politics at Western Washington College of Education, 1933-39." Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor. 

Christina Neely "Redlegs: Irish Bondage in the Colonial New World." Professor Vern Volpe advisor.

Marny Youngdahl "Gold Rush Crime, Disorder and Law Enforcement." Professor Mark Ellis advisor.  

Spring 2016

Gillian Bryant, “The Women’s Army Corps: An Assertion of Public and Private Rights.” Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor. 

Gina Gage, “Quiet Paths at Evening: Nineteenth-Century Ranch Life along the Big Sandy River, Mohave County, Arizona.” Professor Jinny Turman advisor. 

Brenda Schaeffer Hansen, “God is Listening Only to the English Tongue: Anti-German Sentiment in Davenport and Scott County, Iowa, 1848-1919.” Professor Roy Koepp advisor. 

Fall 2015

Seth Frederiksen, "The Press Coverage of North Carolina Outlaw Henry Berry Lowery and the Breakdown of Republican Unity During American Reconstruction," Professor Jeff Wells advisor.

James Tidei, "Healing the Wounded: The United States Christian Commission," Professor James Rohrer advisor.

Summer 2015

Keevert, Roulette, "Finding Home: Salt Creek, Midwest, and Lavoye in the Salt Creek Oil Field," Professor Jinny Turman advisor.

McCaffrey, Charles, "Eisenhower and Nationalism in the Middle East," Professor Vernon Volpe advisor.

Spring 2015

Bonin, Chris, "The War of 1812 in Virginia," Professor Doug Biggs advisor.

Fleming, Charles, "The Military Industrial Complex and Socioeconomic Change in the Deep South: Marietta, Georgia," Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Sines, Ryan, "Norse in the North Atlantic: A Comparison of the Norse Settlements and Societies of Iceland and Greenland during the Viking Age," Professor Mary Beth Ailes advisor.

Timmers, Michele, "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: The Evolution of the Athletic Programs of the Polish Falcons of America, 1887-1942," Professor mark Ellis advisor.

Fall 2014

Caulkins, Lynette, “Japanese American Endurance: Recreational Choices in the United States World War II Family Incarceration Camps,” Professor Doug Biggs advisor.

D’Alessandro, Kevin, “Twilight of the Socialist Revolutionary Party," Professor Carol Lilly advisor.

Eberlein, Jake, “Wilderness Cathedral: A History of the Coeur d’Alene’s Old Sacred Heart Mission at Cataldo, Idaho, 1846-1976," Professor Mark Ellis advisor. 

Kleinsasser, Pete, “Serving Both Conscience and Nation," Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Kruger, Cole, “Stalag Nebraska: The Impact of the Labor and Education Programs in Nebraska’s World War II Prisoner of War Camps," Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Norton, Matthew, “Catering to the Troops: The North Platte Canteen and the Myth, Memory, and Legend of the Good War," Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Walters, Rebecca, “Soldiering from the Homefront: Omaha, Nebraska in World War II," Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Wampler, Stephanie, “Finding the Captors Through the Captives’ Voices: An Analysis of Captivity Narratives of the Plains Indians," Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Wickman, Johanna, “Bridgeheads on the North Platte: Defending the Wyoming Frontier," Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Summer 2014

Dresher, Ryan, “A Mission for the Nation to Fulfill: Minnesota, the Union, Slavery, and the Civil War,” Professor Vernon Volpe advisor. 

Mayfield, Sean, “Agents of Integration and Change: Black Churches in the Seattle Civil Rights Movement,” Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor.

Spring 2014

Enomoto, Laura, “Saving the Benighted Natives: Pawnee Missionaries During the Nineteenth Century," Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Kreller, Sandra, “Saturday Night: A Live-ly Discussion of SNL’s Influence on Popular Culture,” Professor Peter Gough advisor.

Pruitt, Roger, “Traveling and Surviving the Overland Trail: Feast or Famine?,” Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Stubbs, Stacey, “Gentle River Goes Mad;” The Republican River Flood of 1935 and the Legacy Left Behind,” Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Wadsworth, Erick, “The European Mormon Pioneer Migration through Nebraska Territory in 1866,” Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Fall 2013

Arostegui, Joshua, “The People’s Liberation Army and the Sino-Indian Border Conflict of 1962,” (Fall 2013), Professor Pradeep Barua advisor.

Christensen, David, “Norman Genius: Reasons and Effects for a Successful Conquest of England,” (Fall 2013), Professor Doug Biggs advisor.

Foster, Michael, “From Port Moresby to Guadalcanal: Roots of Japanese Failure,” (Fall 2013), Professor Doug Biggs advisor.

Hurtt, Jill, “’On Which Everything Depends’ Horses and Mules in the U.S. civil War,” (Fall 2013), Professor Vernon Volpe advisor.

Nelson, Kasandra, “We are Now in Indian Territory: Men and Women’s Vies of Indians Along the Overland Trail,” (Fall 2013), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Shultz, Susan, “Fulfilling the Bolshevik Ideal: Love, Art, and the Communist Identity in Revolutionary Russia,” (Fall 2013), Professor Carol Lilly advisor.

Vaccaro, Courtney, “Red Light Districts and Segregated Prostitution in Progressive Era Chicago: A Demographic Survey of the Levee in 1910.” (Fall 2013), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Summer 2013

Baker, Fred, “What Gallant Times Were Those!” The Ninth Texas Infantry Regiment at the American Civil War Battles of Shiloh and Murfreesboro,” (Summer 2013), Professor Vernon Volpe advisor.

Divine, Aaron, “The Music of the Hills: A History of Cultural Exchange in the Ozarks,” (Summer 2013), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Spring 2013

Alexander, Jeanine, “The Problem of AIDS: The Reagan Administration, the Presidential Commission and the AIDS Epidemic,” (Spring 2013), Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor.

Bowman, Ian, “Church and Crown: The English Episcopate and the Lancastrian Revolution of 1399,” (Spring 2013), Professor Doug Biggs advisor.

Brown, Robert, “Unsurpassed Courage and Determination: Pender’s Brigade from Richmond to Chancellorsville,” (Spring 2013), Professor Vernon Volpe advisor.

Richardson, Jennifer, “The Madam and Her Mistress: Nebraska’s Elusive Ladies of the Night,” (Spring 2013), Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor.

Sullivan, Nathan, “The ‘Varga Girl’ Trials: The Struggle Between Esquire Magazine and the U. S. Post Office, and the Appropriation of the Pin-up as a Cultural Symbol,” (Spring 2013), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Tierney, Ashley, “To Maintain the American Way of Life: Pennsylvania Women During World War II,” (Spring 2013), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Fall 2012

Bradley, Freda, “Evolutionary Response to Federal Programs in the Rural Mid-Ohio Valley of West Virginia: From Economic Collapse to Valuable Wartime Partner,” (Fall 2012), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Fielding, Angelina, “Colonel William Stephen Hamilton: A Pioneer,” (Fall 2012), Professor Vernon Volpe advisor.

Frear, Shelley, “The Genoa Indian School: A Mixed Legacy 50 Years of Transformation, Survival, and Hope in a United States Government Indian Boarding School on the Nebraska Plains.” (Fall 2012), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Mack, Lacey, “Combating the Green Imps of Satan: Efforts of Nebraskans,” (Fall 2012), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Spring 2012

Alexander, Amber, “Fighting the War from Home: The impact of the Fairmont, Harvard, and Bruning Army Air Fields on Rural Nebraska Residents,” (Spring 2012), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

Bocchine, Kristin, “Romanizing an empire: Claudius and the Jews of Alexandria and Cyrenaica,” (Spring 2012), Professor Douglas Biggs advisor.

Chmielewski, Brian, “James Wilson: A lost legacy,” (Spring 2012), Professor Vernon Volpe advisor.

Manion, Shawn, “Film directors, movies and the culture of change during the Reagan era,” (Spring 2012), Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor.

Stratton, John, “Des Moines Ordnance Plant Ankeny, Iowa, on the Home Front during World War II,” (Spring 2012), Professor Vernon Volpe advisor.

Vieselmeyer, Kaylene, “Sacred soil: The influence of the family farm in shaping America's identity,” (Spring 2012), Professor Mark Ellis advisor.

White, Justin, “'Sold like a damn'd slave': Dissonance between conceptualization and conditions of bound labor in the British-American colonies,” (Spring 2012), Professor Vernon Volpe advisor. 

Fall 2011

Brummels, Zeke, “Che Guevara as cultural capital: Contending historical methodology,” (Fall 2011), Professor Roger Davis advisor.

Lewis, Amber, “Chicano and Chicana activism at Nebraska universities 1971-1974,” (Fall 2011), Professor Linda Van Ingen advisor.