Student Achievements

Blake Weeder was accepted into the class of 2018-2019 Great Plains Graduate Fellows Program at the Center for Great Plains Studies

Several UNK History Department students, alumni, and faculty presented at the 2018 Missouri Valley History Conference/Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference/Society for Military History Conference: 

Broc Anderson (graduate student), “The Cuban Revolution and the Evolution of Public Sphere”
Katherine Anielak (undergraduate student), “Prohibition in Omaha: Its Impact on Business and the Social Sphere”

Michael Berry (graduate student), “Our Schools in Wartime: The WWI Propaganda Campaign in Public Schools and the National Emergency in Education”

Doug Biggs, “The Dinkey and Community Memory: Ames, Iowa State College, and the Ames & College Railroad, 1890-2017”

Christopher Bonin (alumnus), “The Henry Affair of 1812: An Incident on the Road to War”

Clyde Brant (graduate student), “Blessing or Curse: Oil Production in the Second World War”

Mary Cannaday-Anderson (graduate student), “Queen Victoria: Grandmother of Europe”

Lt. Col. Richard Cranford (graduate student), “African American War Correspondents and the Media during World War II”

Laura Enomoto (alumna), “Steamboat Travel: ‘An Unheard of Journey for Females”

Audrey Grant (graduate student), “Trial of the Century: World War II and the Origins of the Nuremberg Trials”

Tracie Grube-Gaurkee (graduate student), “Patriotism, Suffrage, and the First World War”

Kelly Herold (graduate student), “The National Farm Organization in Buffalo County Wisconsin: Violence, Intimidation and Farming in the Dairyland”

Jacob Hillsheim (graduate student), “Sanctuary of Belief and Conscience: The US Supreme Court, Freedom of Speech, and Brandenburg v. Ohio

Roy Koepp, “Rudolf Kanzler and the Paramilitary Movement in Bavaria”

Cannon Marchand (undergraduate student), “The Unarming of Police at Kearney State College”

Megan Maul (undergraduate student), “The Social and Cultural Meaning of Kool-Aid”

Jacob McGinley (graduate student), “Samuel McKelvie and Amending Nebraska”

Andrew McGuire (graduate student), “World War I, Peace Officers and the Minnesota Commission on Public Safety”

Brooke Menke (graduate student), “King Louis XVI, New France and Reconstruction of the French Navy”

Tatiana Moore (undergraduate student), “Sounds of the Kearney Army Airfield”

Kassandra Nelson (alumna), “Emerging from the Shadows: Lending Voice to Steamboat Historian Virginia Burlingame”

Luke Pickelman (graduate student), “Reconsidering the Career of Henry Wallace, 1936-1946”

Megan Rogers (graduate student), “Mrs. Frank and Mrs. Grothan: Women’s History at Historic Sites”

Andrew Soneson (alumnus), “Pete Ellis and the Transformation of the Marine Corps”

Chris Steinke, “River Blockades in the Eighteenth-Century Missouri Fur Trade”

Will Stoutamire, “’Their Old Colored Liza:’ Remembering Race and Domestic Servitude in Kearney Nebraska”

David Vail, Phi Alpha Theta Luncheon Keynote Speaker, “Learning from the Noxious Ones: Exploring the Histories of Insects, Weeds, and other Unsavory Environmental Characters”

Chase Webster (graduate student), “Reimagining and Misremembering: The Evolution of Tithing Doctrine Within Mormonism”

Jeff Wells, “Watson Heston’s Populism and Nativism”