Student Achievements

Several UNK History Department students, alumni, and faculty presented at the 2018 Missouri Valley History Conference/Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference/Society for Military History Conference: 

Broc Anderson (graduate student), “The Cuban Revolution and the Evolution of Public Sphere”
Katherine Anielak (undergraduate student), “Prohibition in Omaha: Its Impact on Business and the Social Sphere”

Michael Berry (graduate student), “Our Schools in Wartime: The WWI Propaganda Campaign in Public Schools and the National Emergency in Education”

Doug Biggs, “The Dinkey and Community Memory: Ames, Iowa State College, and the Ames & College Railroad, 1890-2017”

Christopher Bonin (alumnus), “The Henry Affair of 1812: An Incident on the Road to War”

Clyde Brant (graduate student), “Blessing or Curse: Oil Production in the Second World War”

Mary Cannaday-Anderson (graduate student), “Queen Victoria: Grandmother of Europe”

Lt. Col. Richard Cranford (graduate student), “African American War Correspondents and the Media during World War II”

Laura Enomoto (alumna), “Steamboat Travel: ‘An Unheard of Journey for Females”

Audrey Grant (graduate student), “Trial of the Century: World War II and the Origins of the Nuremberg Trials”

Tracie Grube-Gaurkee (graduate student), “Patriotism, Suffrage, and the First World War”

Kelly Herold (graduate student), “The National Farm Organization in Buffalo County Wisconsin: Violence, Intimidation and Farming in the Dairyland”

Jacob Hillsheim (graduate student), “Sanctuary of Belief and Conscience: The US Supreme Court, Freedom of Speech, and Brandenburg v. Ohio

Roy Koepp, “Rudolf Kanzler and the Paramilitary Movement in Bavaria”

Cannon Marchand (undergraduate student), “The Unarming of Police at Kearney State College”

Megan Maul (undergraduate student), “The Social and Cultural Meaning of Kool-Aid”

Jacob McGinley (graduate student), “Samuel McKelvie and Amending Nebraska”

Andrew McGuire (graduate student), “World War I, Peace Officers and the Minnesota Commission on Public Safety”

Brooke Menke (graduate student), “King Louis XVI, New France and Reconstruction of the French Navy”

Tatiana Moore (undergraduate student), “Sounds of the Kearney Army Airfield”

Kassandra Nelson (alumna), “Emerging from the Shadows: Lending Voice to Steamboat Historian Virginia Burlingame”

Luke Pickelman (graduate student), “Reconsidering the Career of Henry Wallace, 1936-1946”

Megan Rogers (graduate student), “Mrs. Frank and Mrs. Grothan: Women’s History at Historic Sites”

Andrew Soneson (alumnus), “Pete Ellis and the Transformation of the Marine Corps”

Chris Steinke, “River Blockades in the Eighteenth-Century Missouri Fur Trade”

Will Stoutamire, “’Their Old Colored Liza:’ Remembering Race and Domestic Servitude in Kearney Nebraska”

David Vail, Phi Alpha Theta Luncheon Keynote Speaker, “Learning from the Noxious Ones: Exploring the Histories of Insects, Weeds, and other Unsavory Environmental Characters”

Chase Webster (graduate student), “Reimagining and Misremembering: The Evolution of Tithing Doctrine Within Mormonism”

Jeff Wells, “Watson Heston’s Populism and Nativism”


Lisa Butler, current History MA student, has been selected as a virtual intern for the National Park Service working with a project titled "The Rashomon Effect-What is a Plantation?"

Several UNK History MA graduate students and alumni presented at the Missouri Valley/Phi Alpha Theta Regional History Conference:

Michael Berry "Little Americans: The World War I Propaganda Campaign in Public Schools"

Christopher Bonin (alumnus) "State Regulars: Virginia's Plan to Recruit Regular Troops in the War of 1812"

Marilyn Burns "From the Storehouse of Forgotten Memories: Colorado's College Nisei, 1941-1946"

Mary Cannaday "The Long Road to Discovery" (recipient of Phi Alpha Theta Regional History Conference Award, third place)

Madelina Cordia "The End of an Era: The Bracero Program in Southern Oregon, 1960 -1964" (recipient of UNK History Department's Missouri Valley History Conference Graduate Student Paper Award)

Bart Everts (alumnus) "With the Right Attitude: The Peirce School during the First World War"

Robert Foresman (alumnus) "Nature's Military Monuments: The Commemoration, Forgetting and Memorialization of the World War I Memory Tree"

Samantha Guzman "The 70th Independent Tank Battalion with the Ivy Division in the Normandy & Huertgen Campaigns of World War II"

Brandy Haglin "From Laura Petrie to Wonder Woman: Analyzing the Feminist Movement through the 1960s and 1970s Prime Time Television"

Martha Helak "WWII in the United States Colony of the Commonwealth of the Philippines: Beyond the Bataan Death March and Douglas MacArthur" (recipient of Phi Alpha Theta Regional History Conference Award, first place)

Kelly Herold "The Legacy of the Great War in Buffalo County, Wisconsin"

Sarah Hoegger "Before Agincourt: Henry V's Efforts to Establish Order"

Caleb Kociemba "One Hundred Percent American: The Council of Defense's Influence on Parochial Schools and Churches in Buffalo County Nebraska"

Sean Mayfield (alumnus) "Consensus, the Mass Consumer Culture, and a Long View of the Cold War" (recipient of UNK History Department's Missouri Valley History Conference Alumni Paper Award)

Jacob McGinley "Working for a New Life: German Immigrants in Buffalo County, Nebraska, 1890-1910"

Kellie McKeehan "Newspaper Rhetoric Inflaming Violence against American Indians in 1860s Colorado" (recipient of Phi Alpha Theta Regional History Conference Award, second place)

Kassandra Nelson (alumna) "Steamboats North: The Life of Captain John C. Barr"

Robert Nickels "Reveling in the Uselessness of History: James Malin, the New Deal, and the Perversion of Frederick Jackson Turner"

Daniel Pownall "Growing into Maturity: Arizona's Territorial Development, 1880-1902"

Valerie Reese "An Exploratory Analysis of Civil War Hospital Stewards"

Joshua Rice (alumnus) "Wider Nets for Fishers of Men: Moses Merrill and Ecumenism in Antebellum Indian Missiology"

Andy Savery "Forgotten Frontiersman: The Life and Times of Simon Kenton"

Holly Toft "All out for Victory: The Nebraska Advisory Defense Committee in World War II"

Meredith Underwood "Involuntary Sterilization in Nebraska: Cavitt v. Nebraska"


Bart Everts, a reference librarian for Rutgers-Camden published an entry in the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, which led to an interview for His article, “Using a Milestone Anniversary to Reinvigorate Interest in Your Collections” was published in Archival Outlook. Next year, Everts will have an entry published in the Encyclopedia of Racism in American Cinema.

Kassandra Nelson was a recipient of the 2016 Charles Redd award for Independent Research and Creative Works.

Seth Fredericksen, a Fall 2015 graduate, began teaching at Long Beach City College.

Michelle Setlik took part in historical reenactment as part of the Hall County Historical Society’s Grand Island City Cemetery tour.

Abigail Whalen, a Summer 2016 graduate, wrote an article, “A Temporary Taming of the Wild West: The Events of the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898,” that was published in the Great Plains Quarterly.

Robert Foresman was accepted into the doctorate program offered by North Dakota State University and will begin his program there in Fall 2016.

Stacey Stubbs (alumna) published an article in Nebraska History titled "'Gentle River Goes Mad': The Republican River Flood of 1935 and its New Deal Legacy"

History Department Thesis Award Winners for the 2013-2014 Academic Year include: Jake EberleinRyan Sines, and Lynette Caulkins.

Several UNK graduate students and alumni presented at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference including:

  • Christopher Bonin "Stonewall Jackson: Most Popular General in American History"
  • Clyde Brant "U.S. Diplomacy in Iran during WWII" (recipient of Phi Alpha Theta Regional History Conference Award, first place)
  • Thomas Carroll "After the Storm: Admiral Capps and the Emergency Fleet Corporation of WWI" (recipient of Phi Alpha Theta Regional History Conference Award, second place)
  • Cole Fenske "Segregation in a Midwestern Town: Racial Relations in World War II Kearney"
  • Nancy Hansen "Marking Time Away by Counting Religious Holidays"
  • Kelly Herold "Buffalo County's Women of WWI: Contributions of Overlooked Warriors on the Home Front"
  • Sarah Hoegger "Restoring Order: The Sheriffs of Henry V" (recipient of UNK History Department Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award)
  • Ross Huxoll (alumnus) "Capturing the Fighting Spirit of Nebraskans: Omaha World-Herald Correspondent Lawrence W. Youngman's Contribution to the Nebraska War Effort During World War II"
  • Charles McCaffrey (alumnus) "Creating a New Collective Memory in Spain: The Excavation of Republican Graves" and "Marketing War in the Classroom with American World War I Posters"
  • Andrew McGuire "World War One and Sedition in the Bigfork Valley"
  • Kassandra Nelson (alumna) "The Prince of the Upper Missouri: Captain James McGarry" (recipient of UNK History Department Outstanding Alumni Paper Award)
  • Robert Nickels "Homesteaders versus Kinkaiders: Collective Memory and the Shaping of the Perception of Land Policy in Western Nebraska"
  • Alyssa Reil "Community Building and Culture in the Atomic West: The Life and Legacy of Faith Beamer Cooke"
  • Ashley Snipes "Post WWII San Diego Women: Building a Community from the Ground Up"
  • Erick Wadsworth "Wyoming, NT, 1864-1866: The Heart of the Southern Mormon Trail"
  • Chase Webster "Negotiating Zion: The Evolution of Mormon Communalism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"
  • April White "Women's Prison Systems in Nebraska and the Women's Movement in the Early Twentieth Century"


Freda Bradley (Alumna) published an online article titled "Plagiarism, Online Teaching, and Today's Student."

Cole Fenske's digital media review of Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the American City appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of the Middle West Review.

Courtney Mitchell recently began working in the historic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Catherine Flowers presented a talk at Duke University titled America's Dirty Secret: Living Amongst Raw Sewage. She also presented at a conference titled "Ecology, Economy, and Ethics: Mobilizing for a Just Transition" sponsored by the Center for Earth Ethics.

Jacob Eberlein wrote an article for Northwest Mining & Timber.

Catherine Flowers served as a moderator for panels during the 50th Anniversary of the Jubilee Bridge Crossing in Selma, Alabama.

Several UNK Graduate students and alumni presented papers at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference including:

  • Amber Alexander (Alumni) “Training Teachers in a Mobilized World: The Impact of World War II on Nebraska State Teacher’s College”
  • Jeanine Alexander (Alumna) “The Press, the Military and the Politics of the Invasion of Cambodia”
  • Christopher Bonin “The Donation of Alexandria: Alexandria, VA in the War of 1812”
  • Ryan Dresher (Alumnus) “Minnesota Antislavery Attitudes and Enlistment in the Civil War”
  • Jake Eberlein (Alumnus) “Mining for a Change: The Jesuit Response to Contamination of the Silver Valley”
  • Laura Enomoto (Alumna) “The Necessity of Native Women in the Canadian Fur Trade”
  • Robert Foresman “Walter Matthau Reporting: The Duster—How the Air Base News at the Kearney Army Air Field during World War II Preserved History” and “The Beginning and End of the Northwestern League in Nebraska: The 1879 Omaha Green Stockings”
  • Sonja Jackson “Superpatriotism: The Effect of Wartime Propaganda and Hysteria on Anti-German sentiment in Nebraska Before, During, and After WWI”
  • Ron Judd “The Liberal Arts on Trial: 1930s Red-Scare Politics and the Firing of Western Washington College of Education President Charles H. Fisher”
  • Roulette Keevert “The Founding of Salt Creek, Wyoming” and “Sweet Crude for Dinner: Settling Families in the Oil Field”
  • Brittany Musil “The First American Crusade: The True Origins of the Religious Cold War”
  • Kassandra Nelson (Alumna) “We are Now in Indian Territory: A Comparative Study of Men’s and Women’s Views of Indians Along the Overland Trail”
  • Amanda Rasmussen “Hollywood Goes to War: Hollywood and Its Ascension in the Film Industry During the Great War”
  • Alyssa Reil “The Younger Sister: Enculturation, Indigenization, and Religious Fellowship in the Missionary Work of Kate McBeth”
  • Stacey Stubbs (Alumna) “’Dearest Babe:’ Letters from a World War Two Cavalryman”
  • James Tidei “Among The Wounded: The United States Christian Commission during the Civil War”
  • April White “Enduring Solidarity: Championing the Lives of Three Female Sculptors at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893”

Joshua Arostegui's thesis, "The People's Liberation Army and the Sino-Indian Border Conflict of 1962," won UNK's Outstanding Thesis Award.

Erick Wadsworth's thesis, "The 1866 Mormon Migration," was recognized as a co-winner for Best Thesis in the College of Natural and Social Sciences.

History Department Thesis Award Winners for the 2013-2014 Academic Year include: Erick Wadsworth, Joshua Arostegui, and Jill Hurtt.


Several UNK Graduate students and alumni presented papers at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference including:

  • Jeanine M. Alexander, “The Problem of AIDS: The Reagan Administration, the Presidential Commission and the AIDS Epidemic,” MA Spring 2013
  • Elizabeth Bradley, “For Want of a Church: Marriage in the Virginia Backcountry”
  • Freda Bradley, "Sandy Valley Fever: A Case Study of Epidemiology for Historians," MA Fall 2012
  • Marilyn Burns, “Japanese American Students in Colorado: Acceptance or Rejection During WWII”
  • Jacob A. Eberlein, “Silent Witness: Local Perceptions of the Coeur d’Alene’s Old Mission State Park Prior to Becoming a State Park, 1926-1976"
  • Laura M. Enomoto, “Pawnee Missionaries”
  • Bart Everts, “Independent Reading? A History of the Nigerian National Library”
  • Gregory A. Grimes, “The Federal Road of Alabama: A Spark in the Creek Civil War of 1813,” MA Spring 2013
  • Sarah Hoegger, “Nutrition and Relief Gardens:Food and Community during the Great Depression,” Second Place, Phi Alpha Theta Graduate Papers
  • Sean Mayfield, “Agents of Integration and Inclusion: Black Churches in the Seattle Civil Rights Movement”
  • Brittany Musil, “Righteous Reprobation: The American Public’s Response to Early Soviet Religious Repression”
  • Jessie Schmeidler, “The Ill Fated Partnership: The American Eugenics Movement’s Influences on the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute”
  • Stacey Stubbs, ‘Gentle River Goes Mad’: The Republican River Flood of 1935 and the Legacy Left Behind”
  • Erick Wadsworth, "1866: The Last Year of the Mormon Exodus from Wyoming, Nebraska Territory"

Nate Sullivan’s article, “The “VARGA GIRL” Trials: The Wartime Struggle between Esquire Magazine & the US Post Office Over the Morality of the Pin-Up” recently appeared on War History Online. Nate is a Spring 2013 Master of Arts graduate.