Graduate Student Achievements


Catherine Flowers presented a talk at Duke University titled America's Dirty Secret: Living Amongst Raw Sewage.

Jacob Eberlein wrote an article for Northwest Mining & Timber.

Catherine Flowers served as a moderator for panels during the 50th Anniversary of the Jubilee Bridge Crossing in Selma, Alabama.

Several UNK Graduate students and alumni presented papers at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference including:

Amber Alexander (Alumni) “Training Teachers in a Mobilized World: The Impact of World War II on Nebraska State Teacher’s College”
Jeanine Alexander (Alumni) “The Press, the Military and the Politics  of the Invasion of Cambodia”
Christopher Bonin “The Donation of Alexandria: Alexandria, VA in the War of 1812”
Ryan Dresher (Alumni) “Minnesota Antislavery Attitudes and Enlistment in the Civil War”
Jake Eberlein (Alumni) “Mining for a Change: The Jesuit Response to Contamination of the Silver Valley”
Laura Enomoto (Alumni) “The Necessity of Native Women in the Canadian Fur Trade”
Robert Foresman “Walter Matthau Reporting: The Duster—How the Air Base News at the Kearney Army Air Field during World War II Preserved History” and “The Beginning and End of the Northwestern League in Nebraska: The 1879 Omaha Green Stockings”
Sonja Jackson “Superpatriotism: The Effect of Wartime Propaganda and Hysteria on Anti-German sentiment in Nebraska Before, During, and After WWI”
Ron Judd “The Liberal Arts on Trial: 1930s Red-Scare Politics and the Firing of Western Washington College of    Education President Charles H. Fisher”
Roulette Keevert “The Founding of Salt Creek, Wyoming” and “Sweet Crude for Dinner: Settling Families in the Oil Field”
Brittany Musil “The First American Crusade: The True Origins of the Religious Cold War”
Kassandra Nelson (Alumni) “We are Now in Indian Territory: A Comparative Study of Men’s and Women’s Views of Indians Along the Overland Trail”
Amanda Rasmussen “Hollywood Goes to War: Hollywood and Its Ascension in the Film Industry During the Great War”
Alyssa Reil “The Younger Sister: Enculturation, Indigenization, and Religious Fellowship in the Missionary Work of Kate McBeth”
Stacey Stubbs (Alumni) “’Dearest Babe:’ Letters from a World War Two Cavalryman”
James Tidei “Among The Wounded: The United States Christian Commission during the Civil War”
April White “Enduring Solidarity: Championing the Lives of Three Female Sculptors at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893”


Several UNK Graduate students and alumni presented papers at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference including:

Jeanine M. Alexander, “The Problem of AIDS: The Reagan Administration, the Presidential Commission and the AIDS Epidemic,” MA Spring 2013
Elizabeth Bradley, “For Want of a Church: Marriage in the Virginia Backcountry”
Freda Bradley, "Sandy Valley Fever: A Case Study of Epidemiology for Historians," MA Fall 2012
Marilyn Burns, “Japanese American Students in Colorado: Acceptance orRejection During WWII”
Jacob A. Eberlein, “Silent Witness: Local Perceptions of the Coeur d’Alene’s Old Mission State Park Prior to Becoming a State Park, 1926-1976"
Laura M. Enomoto, “Pawnee Missionaries”
Bart Everts, “Independent Reading? A History of the Nigerian National Library”
Gregory A. Grimes, “The Federal Road of Alabama: A Spark in the Creek Civil War of 1813,” MA Spring 2013
Sarah Hoegger, “Nutrition and Relief Gardens:Food and Community during the Great Depression,” Second Place, Phi Alpha Theta Graduate Papers
Sean Mayfield, “Agents of Integration and Inclusion: Black Churches in the Seattle Civil Rights Movement”
Brittany Musil, “Righteous Reprobation: The American Public’s Response to Early Soviet Religious Repression”
Jessie Schmeidler, “The Ill Fated Partnership: The American Eugenics Movement’s Influences on the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute”
Stacey Stubbs, ‘Gentle River Goes Mad’: The Republican River Flood of 1935 and the Legacy Left Behind”
Erick Wadsworth, "1866: The Last Year of the Mormon Exodus from Wyoming, Nebraska Territory"

Nate Sullivan’s article, “The “VARGA GIRL” Trials: The Wartime Struggle between Esquire Magazine & the US Post Office Over the Morality of the Pin-Up” recently appeared on War History Online. The article can be viewed at War History Online. Nate is a Spring 2013 Master of Arts graduate.


Several UNK History Graduate Students and alumni presented papers at the annual Missouri Valley History Conference.  This included:

Freda Bradley, "The Evolution of Western West Virginia from Economic Collapse to Successful Wartime Partner in WWII"
Lynette Caulkins, "Japanese-American Endurance: Recreational Choices in the United States World War II Internment Camps"
Roger Pruitt, "All Work and No Play: Pioneer Leisure Activities on the Frontier and Overland Trail"
Erick Wadsworth, "Wyoming Nebraska Territory: Gathering Place for the Mormon Migration of 1866"
Christopher Dorsey’s article, “St. Clair’s Defeat Revisited: Evolution of Woodland Native American Battlefield Tactics” was published in The Canadian Journal of Native Studies.

Laura Enomoto’s article “WPA Projects in Anaheim, CA, During the Great Depression” was published in LUX, a Journal of Transdisciplinary Writing and Research at Claremont Graduate University. Laura’s article can be accessed at http://scholarship.claremont.edu/lux/vol2/iss1/14/.

Steve Sonksen was named the 2013 Texas History Teacher of the Year. Steve was given this honor for his outstanding work in the classroom involving his use of primary documents in the classroom, the level of inspiration that he provides to his students and his career achievements in education. Steve lives in Dallas, Texas.

Whitney Barnes, Mark Brunton, and Kyle Davis participated in the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation’s Summer Institute in Washington, D.C.

Christian Spence published General Pershing's Other Daughter, a piece of historical fiction that takes place in WWII Austria.