Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty and Staff

  • Mary Beth Ailes, Professor. Renaissance and Reformation, 17th and 18th Century Europe, Scandinavian History, British Isles.
  • Pradeep Barua, Professor. History of India, South Asian History, Colonialism, Military History.
  • Doug Biggs, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, College of Natural and Social Sciences. Medieval History / England, Ancient History.
  • Roger Davis, Professor. Latin American History, Gilded Age, U.S.
  • Mark Ellis, Professor and Department Chair. American West, American Indians, Sports History, Nebraska History.
  • Peter Gough, Assistant Professor. U.S. 20th Century Culture, American West.
  • Roy Koepp, Assistant Professor. Modern Germany, Modern Europe.
  • Carol Lilly, Professor and Director of International Studies Program. Eastern Europe, Russian, and Soviet History.
  • James Rohrer, Associate Professor. Colonial & Revolutionary America, American Religious History.
  • Jinny Turman, Assistant Professor of History. Community History and Preservation, 20th Century U.S.
  • Linda Van Ingen, Associate Professor and Director of Women's Studies. 20th Century United States, Race and Gender, Historical Methods.
  • Vernon Volpe, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies. 19th Century U.S., Western Explorations, Civil War & Reconstruction.
  • Robert (Jeff) Wells, Assistant Professor.  American West, American Indian, Digital History.
  • Pam Proskocil, Department Administrative Assistant. 865.8509
  • Amber Alexander, On-line Program Coordinator. 865-8766
  • Stacey Stubbs, On-line Program Coordinator.  865-8766

Adjuncts and Temporary Faculty, 2014/2015 academic year

Ross Huxoll, huxollrd@unk.edu
Roger Thomsen, Social Science Methods, rthomsen@esu10.org
Kami Lammers, lammerskj@unk.edu
Michael Hewitt, hewittmt@unk.edu
Aaron Jesch, jescha@unk.edu

Graduate Assistants, 2014/2015 academic year

Cole Fenske, fenskedc2@lopers.unk.edu
Robert Foresman, foresmanrr@lopers.unk.edu
Sonja Jackson, jacksonsd@unk.edu
Tad Kruger, krugertl2@lopers.unk.edu
April White, headleyac@lopers.unk.edu