Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops  aid UNK graduate students in career planning, managing prospective careers, and developing the skills and knowledge needed for professional and career advancement.

ePortfolios: A Blueprint for Success

In conjunction with the Office of Graduate Studies, Dr. Martonia Gaskill (Assistant Professor of Education) and Amber Alexander (Online Program Coordinator and Lecturer) will host a workshop on ePortfolios as a powerful tool for students to document and demonstrate cutting edge skills. ePortfolios can elevate the standard resume to a live and descriptive portrait of students sophisticated abilities such as communication, writing and critical thinking skills, and their readiness for the competitive job market. Learn more about the ePortfolios: A Blueprint for Success workshop.

How to Write an IRB!

In conjunction with the Office of Graduate Studies, Office of Undergraduate Research, and Division of Research, Dr. Matthew R. Bice (IRB Director) will host a workshop that will guide faculty and students through the process of completing an IRB application. This workshop can be used to facilitate current and future researchers as well as classes that involve research projects. Learn more about the How to Write an IRB! workshop.

View the recorded How to Write an IRB Workshop.

Crafting an Academic Vita: How do I showcase my work?

Accurately presenting academic contributions, acquired skills, and accomplishments is vital for graduate students. Come learn how you can make yourself more marketable! Students attending this workshop will learn how to construct a Vita in their respected discipline and how to market their accomplishments. Students can also attend online via Zoom. Learn more about the Crafting an Academic Vita: How do I showcase my work? workshop.

Job interviews: What to expect

In conjunction with the Office of Graduate Studies, Dr. Michelle Warren (Assoc. Professor of Spanish) will host a workshop to guide participants through the process of interviewing for a teaching position. Dr. Warren has many years of experience conducting interviews both at the secondary and post-secondary levels. She will include some basic legal and etiquette information, as well as some fun interactive games to review the “dos and don’ts” of job interviewing. Learn more about the Job interviews: What to expect workshop.