College of Fine Arts & Humanities

The power of imagination. It defines the successes of the graduates of UNK’s College of Fine Arts and Humanities, irrespective of whether they choose programs in the humanities, the liberal arts, or the fine arts.

Like Shereton Green, Class of 2001, currently a graphic designer for Charles S. Anderson Design Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Or Crystal Miller, Class of 1998, now a professional recording artist in California.

Discover your potential.

Featuring an exceptional cast of talented and caring faculty, the College of Fine Arts and Humanities is dedicated to helping you discover who you are…the thread that runs through your own unique narrative.

Here, you will build the communication and creative thinking skills critical to success in any field. Through collaborative classroom learning, an abundance of hands-on experiences, and access to outstanding facilities and equipment, you will learn to express yourself. And become a leader in your field as you do.

Tomorrow's about you.

And if your goal is to graduate from college as an independent thinker relentlessly resourceful in your quest for self-expression, explore our different departments and programs.


The College of Fine Arts and Humanities contributes to the University's mission through curricular programs, research and creative activity, and public service. The college reaffirms the centrality of the artistic and humanities perspectives to students' liberal arts education. The College is committed to a strong, talented faculty which seeks to educate students to be critical thinkers familiar with modern technologies.