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In the College of Fine Arts and Humanities, we challenge students, and students challenge themselves. Through research with faculty mentors, students present their scholarship in location and national forums and excel in performances and competitions. Our college has the following departments and majors:

Museum of Nebraska Art

Facilities & Research

Our dedicated faculty and staff are the primary difference makers in Fine Arts and Humanities. But we also know technology and the learning, lab and performance environments are critical to students' learning. Here at UNK we have plenty of places and opportunities for students to explore, invent, perform, and try things on their own or with other students. Some, like the Frank House and MONA, are totally unique.

Dean Jurma

About Us

Our college bridges to the community, the region and the state by offering performances, internships and research -- and teaches students to become creative, analytic thinkers and decision-makers.

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Take a walk across campus. Stop and look around. You’ll see the University of Nebraska at Kearney brand in every direction. The stately pillars outlined within the ’N’ of the UNK logo, along with the sleek, modern shape of the Loper head are widely recognized symbols. A brand is more than simply a logo. It’s […]

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The UNK faculty gave me the tools to be successful. They required that I learn the skill set to know where to seek out information, rather than specific knowledge, and assigned projects that required me to apply it to the problem at hand.
Aubrie Hill