Ethnic Studies Program

The Ethnic Studies Minor Program is an interdisciplinary program committed to promoting multicultural and ethnic knowledge, understanding, skills and values to prepare students to function effectively in a culturally diverse nation and world.

The primary goal of the Ethnic Studies Program is to provide a curriculum that enhances student knowledge, skills and abilities in the understanding and integration of knowledge related to various ethnic groups within the United States society. Additional goals include the enhancement of student skills in the areas of critical thinking, analysis and problem solving techniques with an emphasis on ethnic and racial concerns.


  • To engage students and faculty in educational activities that foster awareness of and exposure to scholarly and popular literature on the roles that ethnicity and race have played and continue to play in shaping American society.
  • To assist students to develop critical thinking skills related to ethnic and racial concerns.
  • To assist students to develop fundamental skills related to academic research, effective writing, social, cultural, educational or business program assessment related to ethnic studies.
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding and efforts to strive for social justice.

Please contact us at (308) 865-8629, (308) 865-8956 or stop by our office at 2152 Warner Hall if you have any questions. You can reach the Director of Ethnic Studies via email at

Faculty: Invitation to Submit Course Proposals for ETHS Designation