Submitting Course Proposals for ETHS Designation

All faculty are invited to submit a course proposal for consideration for approval as an Ethnic Studies cross-listed course. If you have any questions about a current course or a course that you are considering please feel free to contact the Ethnic Studies Minor Program Office to discuss the possibilities. The Ethnic Studies Program wants to encourage faculty of traditional courses to explore the potential of weaving the elements listed in the document below into your existing course. The Program also encourages you to present innovative course proposal ideas. The Program is interested in course proposals from all disciplines. The Ethnic Studies Committee believes that cross designation as an ETHS course can only enhance enrollment of existing courses. Please consider the following criteria and give us a call or email at 865-8956 or email the Director at

Ethnic Studies Course Review Criteria

A class that is to be offered as a designated Ethnic Studies course is expected to focus on the presentation, assessment, and examination of historical, social, cultural, political, economic and/or psychological factors that influence the life of ethnic minorities within the United States. Ethnic Studies courses should examine the realities of the socially constructed categories of ethnicity manifested within the United States with a focus on how those realities and constructs relate to Hispanic, Native American, Asian American and African American populations.