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Graduate Program

MA in English 

Enroll in an award-winning department.

The Graduate Program in English at the University of Nebraska Kearney offers a Masters degree in two areas of specialization: literature/literary analysis and creative writing. Students completing their MA will have a deepened knowledge and appreciation of world, British, and American literatures (including multicultural literatures); they will have achieved a greater mastery of the language and of critical thinking through study of linguistics, literary criticism, and composition/rhetoric; they will have honed their creative abilities in poetry, fiction, drama, screen-writing, and creative nonfiction; and they will have acquired habits of speaking, listening, reading, and writing that are the essence of reflection, dialogue, and academic discourse.  Graduate English Catalog

Joint MA with Education
The department hosts a joint Masters with the Education department to offer an online MA with courses consisting of 18 hours of English classes taught by English faculty and 18 hours of Curriculum and Instruction taught by Education faculty. 

Graduate Faculty
Our award-winning faculty  who teach graduate courses are all members of the University of Nebraska graduate college with impressive publishing and teaching records. All have published  in their specializations and encourage students to share their work in university, regional, and national conferences and publications.  Graduate students have published in respected journals, presented papers and given creative readings at regional, national, and international conferences. 

Graduate Assistants
Our graduate students have the opportunity to serve as teaching assistants as well as research assistants, gaining valuable professional experience in the process. Both receive tuition waivers and stipends. Most English Graduate Assistants teach sections of English 101 and 102, expository writing. Research Assistants work with individual faculty in researching specific projects for book or article publication or scholarly web pages. They may also serve as Editorial Assistants on department publications. Assignments during a given semester may involve some combination of the above duties to the total equivalent of 20 hours per semester. Graduate students also have the opportunity to edit and publish in the Carillon. In addition,  several scholarships are available for graduate students.  

At UNK, graduate students will reach a level of competence sufficient to take the next step, whether that be into the professions, into more secure and effective roles as teachers, into jobs that value creative and critical thinking and communicative competence, or into further study in doctoral or MFA programs. Many of our graduate students have won the campus Outstanding Thesis Award  for their critical and creative work.  

For inquiries regarding the graduate program, contact the Director of English Graduate Studies, Martha Kruse (308) 865-8563.