Dick Meyer

Associate Professor and Department Chair

Office: COE B149   |    Phone: (308) 865-8844   |    Email: meyerdc@unk.edu

Dick Meyer


Ed.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Special interests: curriculum assessment


“I always loved school. When I was in elementary school, my school was across the street from my house. My mom worked, so after school we went to the neighbor’s house and played school after school. I just always liked being in school. I liked the environment. I like learning.  I like working with people and helping people learn and grow.”

Professor Richard Meyer specializes in curriculum assessment and teaches assessment leadership and research classes in the educational administration department.

Meyer of Deshler, NE earned his bachelor’s degree in teacher education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He studied mathematics education.

While teaching eighth grade math at Charles Culler Junior High School in Lincoln, Meyer earned his masters degree in 7-12 Principalship from UNL. He also completed the Lincoln Public Schools Leadership Program.

He then worked as the 7-12 principal of Wolbach Public Schools. In addition to his duties as principal, Meyer was the athletic director, bus driver, helped the custodians, taught geometry and helped coach football. He was 26 years old when he started this position.

“In some cases, there wasn’t much age difference between me and the students – maybe seven or eight years difference. I could always relate to the students. One of the things I always tried to do as a principal was to be out and visible with the kids. In the high school, I would stand in the hallways and shake kids’ hands each morning.”

“I knew being young that I’d have to work at being a leader because in most cases my faculty members were older than me.”

Later, Meyer worked as the K-12 principal for Humphrey Public Schools, middle school principal for Holdrege Public Schools and the middle school principal for Columbus Public Schools.

He returned to Holdrege Middle School and, later, became the principal of Holdrege High School.

From 2006 to 2013, he worked as the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Director for Kearney Public Schools.

“As a principal, you are a jack-of-all-trades and the master of none. My interest had always been in curriculum and assessment. My math background particularly helped. That job allowed me to develop my interest in that specific area.”

Meyer finished his Ed.D. in 2008. He began teaching at UNK for as an adjunct professor while he was still working for Kearney Public Schools.

He came to UNK full-time in 2013.

“I always thought it would be fun to work with graduate students and to help educate principals. I saw teaching here as an extension of what I was doing at KPS. I really like the interactions with the students. You see how large of an impact you can have on education. You influence a lot of people. Our students are all over the world.”  

Meyer served as president of the Nebraska State Association of Elementary School Principals, he won Nebraska High School Principal of the Year, he served on the National Middle School Association Board and, in 2014, he won the Al Kilgore Award of Excellence presented by the Nebraska Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.


  • Spending football Saturdays in Lincoln watching the Nebraska Huskers
  • Traveling
  • Visiting wineries
  • Spending time with wife Sheila and sons Aaron of Phoenix, Lane of Denver and Cole of Lincoln