Early Childhood Inclusive Program

Student Information

This information is provided for those students who are earning an endorsement in Early Childhood Inclusive online.
Student Teaching Reminders

Application forms are due to the Educator Certification Office in the College of Education by the first Tuesday of February for Fall placements and the first Tuesday in September for Spring placements. Other prerequisites to student teaching that must have been successfully addressed are:

  1. Admittance to Teacher Education
  2. An overall UNK grade point average of 2.5 or higher (2.75 for students who started 2013 and later)
  3. A grade of "C" or higher in all TE courses
  4. Satisfactory performance on the Individual Lesson Plan Case Study Common Assessment
  5. Satisfactory performance in all pre-student teaching (school-based activity) field experiences and an assessment of teaching dispositions 
Applying for Student Teaching
  1. Slides from PowerPoint presentation (optional-print as "handout" with 6 slides per page)
    Note: Read through the slides which explain the rules and regulations as well as the procedure for applying to student teaching and the requirements while student teaching. 
    Please pay special attention to the notes at the bottom of each slide.

    Print off the following documents to follow along with the PowerPoint slides:
    Applying for Student Teaching Checklist
    UNK Student Teaching Background Check Information
    Education Credential File Information
    Co-Teaching Brochure
    Essay Questions for Student Teaching Application
    Partner Schools list
    Praxis II handout 10-15-13
    Rules & Regulations for Student Teaching

  2. Online Student Teaching application
    Note: When requesting placement, please include name of contact person and address if requesting a placement other than a public school entity.
  3. The Educator Certification Office will make sure your advisor signs your application.
  4. Once your placement has been verified, you will receive your student teaching materials and cooperating teacher packet in the mail.  You do not have to come to the Educator Certification Office to pick them up.
  5. Background checks are required for any student teacher not currently employed by a school district.  Unless you are currently employed by a school district, you will need to complete a background check before being able to student teach.  There is a $26.75 charge.

Course Offerings

Professional Sequence

TE 100 - Teaching in a Democratic Society
TE 204 - Typical and Atypical Growth & Development
TE 206 - Instructional Technology & the Pre-Service Teacher
TE 318 - Management/Assessment in Preschool/Elementary Classrooms
TE 411 - Inclusive Practices for Students with Exceptionalities in PreK8 Classrooms
TE 400 - Student Teaching  (14 credit hours)

Program Specific Courses

TE 311 - Math Methods I
TE 312 - Math Methods II
TE 313 - Field Experience: Math
TE 314 - Phonics and Word Study
TE 315 - Literacy Assessment
TE 316 - Primary Grades Literacy
TE 317 - Field Experience: Literacy
TE 323 - Partnerships with Families
TE 341 - Foundations of Early Childhood Education
TE 342 - Literacy Methods for the Preschool Teacher
TE 343 - Methods of Inclusive Educating: Birth to Age 3
TE 344 - Methods of Inclusive Education: Ages 4-8
TE 345 - Field Experience: Early Childhood Unified
TE 346 - Child Care Administration
TE 348 - Math,Science and Social Studies for Children 0-8
TESE 437 - Medical Aspects of Individuals with Disabilities
ART 100 - Art Structure (prerequisite for ART 360)
ART 360 - Elementary Art Methods
ENG 425 - Children's Literature
MATH 230 - Math for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 330 - Math for Elementary Teachers II
MUS 330 - Music Methods for the Elementary Teacher
PE 361 - Integrating Movement and Dance
PE 247 - Nutrition, Health and Safety for Young Children