Streaming Video

Streaming video can be delivered synchronously or asynchronously.  Synchronous streaming video is when the remote user can view the video on their computer in real time.  Asynchronous streaming video is when the remote user may watch the video online at a later time.  Since the video file is “streamed,” the entire file does not need to be downloaded. 

Why would I use Streaming Video? 

Streaming Video is a great tool if you want to lecture or do training with content that does not change. If scheduling is a problem due to different shifts or locations, this may be the solution. We can tape the session, put the video on the server, and provide you a link to share with the people you need to view it. It is recommended that the remote user has a high speed connection to view streaming video. 

To schedule a streaming video session, call 308-865-8927.

Streaming video is not interactive. If you need to interact with people in a different location, then interactive video or video conferencing is what you need. Click here for more information.

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