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Give Me 2 Minutes and I Will Give You the World

When: Wednesday, October 12, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Where: Communications Center, Room 101 

Microlectures are brief (typically 1- to 3-minute) multimedia presentations with associated activities designed to engage students in the learning process. Using microlectures, online instructors can provide students with targeted information about a specific course concepts, demonstrate the use, value or relevance of course materials, and personalize the learning process to engage students.

The impersonal, text-heavy nature of many online classrooms makes it challenging for instructors to engage students with course material in an interesting, meaningful way. Microlectures provide an effective way for online instructors to personalize the learning experience and promote students' active engagement with course material. Equally important, microlectures are an efficient instructional strategy that require minimal technological expertise or specialized equipment.

In this eLuncheon, you will learn how to create and integrate microlectures into the online classroom to enhance student learning, engagement and satisfaction and learn about the tools available at UNK to make microlectures a reality in your classroom.

RSVP by Monday, October 9, before noon.

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