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VoiceThread is a social media tool that allows students and instructors to upload and share images, videos and documents and then have an online conversation about each other's posts through audio, video or text comments. Voicethread can be been in online courses to establish a sense of social presence among instructors and students.

In this workshop, participants will learn step-by-step how to upload content, comment and annotate on that content, and share it with others. Participants will also learn how to create groups, set sharing permissions within those groups and privately share VoiceThreads with individuals.

VoiceThread was upgraded.

Over the Holiday break, VoiceThread was upgraded to a new version. Because of the changes, you may want to attend even if you have attended this training in the past.

Thursday, February 26;
CMCT 216 - 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Atomic Learning

This eWorkshop will show you how to incorporate Atomic Learning into your Online Courses. You will learn how to create quick links, assign specific tutorials for your class and create reports on who has completed the assigned tutorials. If you are not familiar with Atomic Learning, click here to find out more.

Thursday, April 02;
CMCT 216 - 2:00-3:30 p.m.

eWorkshops are available to those faculty who teach distance courses. 

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