Strategies to Make Group Work Actually Work

It is a problem as old as time, well as old as education... group work! We all groaned when we were assigned group work as students, now we dread telling our students they have a group project to complete. The anticipation of waiting for the emails, calls, and drop-ins from unhappy group members who are frustrated others are NOT pulling their weight in the project. When asked, the students do not want to be the snitch that says Student A didn't do anything for the project but show up and expect the same grade as others for doing nothing!
Group work doesn't have to be a hassle for you or your students. This eWorkshop will discuss best practices for online group work including:
  • Group challenges
  • Project and assignment ideas
  • Strategies to hold students accountable for their participation

Wednesday, February 27 or Thursday, February 31
2:30-3:30 p.m.
CMCT 243

eWorkshops are available to those faculty who teach distance courses. 

Please choose one of the dates listed below and register for a section by Wednesday, January 30, before noon and bring a laptop or tablet to participate in the session..

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