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Final eLuncheon of Spring 2015

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Neuroscience + Learning Research + Education Technology = Education 3.0

When: Thursday, April 9, from 11:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where: Communications Center, Room 101 

Brain science shows us that how we typically use PowerPoint stinks.  It suggests that for some, learning should not be attempted before 10am while for others, learning should conclude by noon.  Cognitive research proves that listening to a lecture is the brain-equivalent of watching televised fishing.   Education technologists have produced social learning assets that not only cross over the walls of classrooms, but even the borders of countries for deeper, more engaging learning.

We know more about the brain and about learning than ever before in our history. While what we do know about the brain is still relatively little, it is significant that so little cognitive science makes its way into the classroom.  At the same time the skills, aptitudes, and abilities to critically think and problem solve have shifted dramatically in the past several decades, yet these paradigm shifts are also absent from many teaching and learning experiences.  (Never before has a catch phrase been interjected into educational mission statements around the world with so little understanding of what it means as, "21st Century Learning.")  From competency based models to gamification to retention devices, this session hopes to start changing paradigms and filters specific to learning.. 

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