School Counseling Elementary PK-6 or Secondary 7-12 Blended Program

Degree: Master of Science in Education
Program: School Counseling Elementary PK-6 or Secondary 7-12
Degree Level: Graduate
Credit Hours: 43 credit hours
Delivery Format: Blended (75% online; 25% on-campus summer residency)
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree

The Master of Science in Education in School Counseling Elementary PK-6 or Secondary 7-12 degree program prepares graduates to be an important part of the educational leadership team and to provide valuable assistance to students. School counselors spend most of their time in direct service to and contact with students through guidance curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive service.

New Non-Teacher Pathway

(School Counseling Endorsement +12)
The Nebraska Department of Education changed Rule 24 requirements in Fall 2017 allowing professionals with any undergraduate degree (no longer limited to teacher education degrees) to become school counselors by taking 12 credit hours of online, teacher educator field-based training in addition to completing a master’s degree in School Counseling. 

Required Courses

School Counseling Elementary PK-6: See the required courses.
School Counseling Secondary 7-12: See the required courses.

Program Overview

School Counseling Elementary PK-6: View the program overview.
School Counseling Secondary 7-12: View the program overview.

How do I get started?

1. Request information about the program to learn more.

2. Apply to the program.

3. Contact UNK eCampus with any questions:

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