Center for Teaching Excellence



The purpose of the CTE mentoring program is to provide faculty with the opportunity for individual consultation with a recognized expert to enhance their teaching and use of technology in the classroom. The consultants are selected from UNK faculty on the basis of their recognized excellence in teaching and their commitment to the use of technology to enhance instruction. Criteria for selection of mentors include formal recognition (awards, publications, or presentations) and/or recommendations of chairs, faculty, and students.

Mentoring on teaching includes:

  • Pre-class visitation meeting between the mentor and faculty member to discuss the instructor's successes and objectives for enhancement or improvement
  • Class visitation by the mentor to observe and note successes and areas for possible change
  • Post-class visitation for meeting to review the mentor's observations of success and recommendations for strategies to enhance performance in the classroom

Mentoring on Innovation includes:

  • Meeting between the mentor and faculty member to discuss the proposed innovation and to establish a plan for the development of the innovation
  • Mentor will consult with faculty member as the innovation is being developed
  • Mentor will observe and provide feedback when the innovation is implemented in the classroom

Distinguished Lecture Series
During each semester, the Center will sponsor a lecture by an invited speaker who is recognized as an expert in their field.

Workshops may be conducted by UNK faculty or invited speakers and will cover a wide range of topics. These hands-on presentations include useful handouts, learning strategies, and active participation of the audience. Topics might include the use of technology in teaching, developing active learning strategies, developing assessment tools, or designing your portfolio.

Seminars are facilitated by one individual or a panel of faculty members. The seminar may include paper presentations, demonstrations, or strategies for faculty development including such topics as faculty mentoring, use of small groups, team teaching, or cooperative learning.