Counseling & School Psychology

Professional Development Series

September 26
Special Education Issues and Expert Witness

A.M. Session - Special Education NDE Rule 51, 52, Individuals with Disabilities Act, and Section 504, Beth Wierda and Lindy Foley Nebraska Department of Education
P.M. Session - Expert Witness, Karen Haase, J.D., Harding & Schultz

October 24
Counseling with Older Adults, Daniel Burrow, Ed.D

November 21
DSM 5 Making the Transition, Dr. Christine Chasek, Ph.D.

February 13
Criminogenics Working with Criminal Justice Clients, Dr. Christine Chasek, Ph.D. and Thomas Z. Maxson, MS

March 13
Civilian Mental Health Counselors Serving Military Clients, Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs

April 3
Annual Kent Estes Justice For All Conference Advocating for Individuals Struggling with Addiction

April 10 or 17 to be determined
Ethical Issues in School-Based Mental Health Services