Counseling & School Psychology



What is GrASP? The object of this organization is to create an informative, educational and social atmosphere for graduate students in the school psychology program at UNK. The intent of this association is to establish mentors for incoming students and support for all members; to facilitate National and State organizational memberships; to encourage professional development and to support camaraderie among school psychology students.

GrASP Socials
GrASP Summer BBQ
Mac’s Creek Holiday Party
Social Outings: Storm Hockey Games, bowling, and karaoke

UNK and Kearney community events
State, National and International Conventions
Nebraska School Psychology Association (NSPA) Fall and Spring Conference
National Association of School Psychology (NASP) Annual Convention
International Collaborative Research (ICR) Fall and Spring Symposium
International School Psychology Association Annual Conference

Future National Association of School Psychology Conferences
NASP 2015: Orlando, FL February 17-21, 2015
NASP 2016: New Orleans, LA February 10-13, 2016
NASP 2017: San Antonio, TX February 21-24, 2017
NASP 2018: Chicago, IL February 13-16, 2018

Future Nebraska School Psychologists Association Conferences
NSPA Spring 2014: Lincoln, NE TBA

GrASP Officers 2013-2014
President- Marissa McCloud
Vice President- Christa Anderson
Secretary- Doris Younes
Treasurer- Carly Jones
Student at Large- Kelsey Rocker