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Cyber Systems Spring & Summer 2016 Projects

Cyber Systems Fall 2015 Senior Seminar Projects

The project used PHP, Javascript with JQuery and JTable plugins, HTML5, and CSS3 on a LAMP server.
  • VR 3D Punch-Out-like game. Built using Unity with Leap Motion and the Oculus Rift.
  • Twitter Search App. A web app that uses the twitter streaming API to search for live tweets using keywords. 
  • Efficient Mac software update system. A software update system for Mac computers in a corporate environment, that allows end users to install updates without needing admin rights on the computer. 
  • Linux security experiment. Uses a Kali Linux machine to do penetration testing to test the effectiveness of using a Linux server as a firewall/router.
  • Task Manager application. This project uses a Windows Sharepoint server with an Access database to manage tasks.
  • Automated Testing Suite for Business Guest Connections. This project creates an automated testing suite for an internal Guest Connect app.

Cyber Systems Fall 2015 Graphics Projects

  • 3D PacMan, playable on any device. Simple iOS Game, created with Swift and the SpriteKit.
  • 2D space shooting web-based Game, based in HTML5 using the Construct 2 game engine.
  • Virtual Realistic Forest Model, constructed and modeled in Blender.
  • Top Scrolling Shooter Game, created with Unreal Engine 4.
  • 3D Explorable World, created with Unity.
  • Virtual Reality Motorcycle Racing Game, playable on the Oculus Rift, created with Unity. This project recently won the Central Nebraska Business idea contest.

Other Cyber Systems Student Projects You can try

While the goal of the individualized Cyber Systems class projects are not develop fully deployed systems, some student projects are available for public use.

Cyber Systems Spring 2015 AI Projects

2015 Presentations

  • Jones, W. (2015). Controlling LED Displays Through an Arduino Micro Controller. National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), April 2015, Dr. Hastings.

Fall 2014 Senior Seminar Projects

  • UNK Underground, a web application that creates an online community for UNK students
  • THREEADAY app that stores online and home-made recipes. The aggregated recipes can then be placed on a personal meal calendar for smart meal planning and for automated grocery lists
  • An investigation and implemented of Sensu, the open source system monitoring solution.
  • A network with a DHCP and DNS server, tested for packet injection

2014 CSIT Student Professional Presentations:

  • McConville, T. (2014). Jeb: Java Enabled Butler. ;Oral presentation at (NCUR) 2014, Lexington, KY and UNK Student Research Day (SRD), April 2014. Dr. Harms.
  • Knight, S. (2014). Overall Competence in Case Based Reasoning, Poster presentation at NCUR 2014, Lexington, KY and UNK Fall Student Research Symposium, September 2013. Dr. Hastings.
  • Norman, Brian. (2014). An Application of the Rate of Adoption Theory Relevant to Personal Health Record Adoption, UNK SRD and NCUR.
  • Russell, Daniel. (2014). Utilizing computer vision to Control the Spread of Horn Flies, 2014 NCUR.
  • Versaw, B. (2014). Brain Computer Interfaces, UNK SRD 2014, April 2014, Dr. Hastings.

Spring 2014 CSIT 441 AI Projects:

  • Augmented reality weather application for android devices. Student Blog
  • Jeb, has been extended to “chat” with a person. Student Blog
  • Minesweeper solver. Student Blog
  • PacMan – adding AI behavior to the ghosts.
  • Website internal linking structure analysis tool. Student Blog
  • Robotics, Tilt-a-Hirl 3-point basketball. Cyber Systems in Central Nebraska News - AI Robotics

Spring 2014 CSIT 404 Software Engineering Projects:

  • A snowboard simulation that uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality display along with the Wii Balance Board to test your skills on a snowboard through a slalom course.
  • A game that accepts input from an RFID scanner. The game turns each RFID tag into input for use. The goal was to determine the process for mixing card and board games.
  • An emulator manager program that will run on a tiny computer. It will play almost any older video game and have the look and feel of a living room console, rather than a PC.
  • An android app that serves as a dungeons and dragons dungeon master tool box, it aids in the creation of custom monsters and the rolling of monsters health. It also saves the information on a web server to allow access to the same set of monsters from multiple devices (i.e. a phone and a tablet).
  • A graphical interface for composing and editing midi files in Visual Studio with C#.

Fall 2013 CSIT 496-497 Senior Projects:

  • Cryptonote, a web application where you can type a message and optionally attach a file to be included that is then encrypted and stored. A link is generated that you can give to someone else. Once they read the message, the note is destroyed.
  • Talk to your car, a Python program which communicates with a vehicle's onboard diagnostics (OBDII) interface. It is currently capable of displaying a number of data points (fuel pressure, RPMs, temperatures, etc) as well as some basic graphs of data as it is being generated. It also reads trouble codes and check engine lights. The program uses the ELM-327 OBDII interface chip. Student Blog