Student Information

Free software & Developer Licenses
  • The CSIT Department is a member of the Microsoft Academic Alliance program which provides over 200 free Microsoft products to our students. CSIT Microsoft Software Website. Please contact the CSIT Student System Administrator at if you are a current CSIT student and would like an account in this system.
  • We also participate in the Microsoft DreamSpark program, which provides free software, free training which leads to Microsoft Certifications. Students can take the certification exams for 1/2 price, and if they do not pass the first time, the second try is free. This is a great way for students to build their skill set and to improve their resume.
  • Microsoft Students to Business provides 55% discounts for Microsoft certifications and much more.
  • The CSIT Department has a iOS Developer University membership. This provides faculty and students with iOS developer tools, resources, certifications, etc. It also allows members to deploy to their own devices for testing and sharing with each other. Apple iOS Developer Program Information. Please contact the Chair of the CSIT Department, Dr. Sherri Harms, at 308-865-8370 or if you are a current CSIT student and would like an account in this system.
Job Listings

The CSIT Department keeps a website updated with job announcements for students and alumni.  These include both local part-time employment and national full-time employment for after graduation. CSIT Job Website. Please contact the Chair of the CSIT Department, Dr. Sherri Harms, at 308-865-8370 or if you are a current CSIT student or a CSIT alumnus and would like an account in this system.

Student Quotes

What do you like most about the CSIT department?
Devin What makes UNK's Computer Science and Information Technology programs stand out from other programs around the area and what has become my favorite part of the school is how small and personal the programs are. Students get to work side-by-side with experts in their field enabling students to maximize the amount they get to learn. A real friendship is created between students and teachers that fosters a learning environment not possible in bigger programs. Devin, IT System Administration Senior, Odell, NE

Rachel The thing that I like most about the CSIT department is that there are so many wonderful people in it, and that they are very helpful and encouraging. It always amazes me to see all of the great research people do and the cool ways that they use all sorts of different technology. Rachel, CS Sophomore, Kearney, NE

Daniel I like the low faculty to student ratio and individual attention, which have certainly made me grow by making me feel like a member of the team rather than another student in the crowd. Daniel, CS Senior, Freeport, Grand Bahama

Brian My favorite thing about the CSIT department is the individual attention that I am able to receive from my instructors as class sizes are relatively small compared to other classes that I've taken on campus.  I feel like my instructors know me on a personal level and are eager to see me advance my skill sets. Brian, IT Web Development Senior, Kearney, NE

 Why did you choose UNK to study Computer Science?

Compared to other colleges and universities, UNK's CSIT program was the most stable and promising. The program overall did not seem intimidating, and though it can get difficult at times (as all courses of study do), the professors are more than willing to encourage and help students. Internship opportunities aided greatly in my decision to study computer science at Kearney, along with smaller class sizes that encourage interaction between professors and fellow students. Ben, CS Sophomore, Columbus, NE

How has your internship been helpful, and what internship opportunities are available to students in CS & IT majors?

My internship(Xpanxion) has provided me a chance to use my studies in real world applications and get great on the job training. There are internships for development, networking, quality assurance and many other opportunities for students of all interests in CS & IT majors. Taylor, CS Senior, Kearney, NE