Computer Science

Computer Science Learning

Computer Science prepare students make useful, meaningful contributions to the world. Students work collaboratively as they creatively design, develop, and implement software, such as mobile apps, games and robotics solutions. We combine hand-on experimentation with theory to provide a strong foundation to prepare students for successful careers.

Inflatable Defense and Tilt Snake are two mobile apps available on Google Play that CSIT students developed, and Puzzle Realms: A Cursed World is an Windows, Mac, and iOS game developed by a CSIT student.

The CS degree programs are based on the ACM CS curriculum guideline. Graduates in computer science interact with people from all organizational functions in designing and implementing computer-based solutions to problems.

Comprehensive Computer Science Major: 64 hours

Applied Computer Science Major: 36 hours

Computer Science Minor: 25 hours

See also the Central Community College Transfer Agreements.