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Computer Science & Information Technology

Computer Science

The Computer Science programs prepare students make useful, meaningful contributions to the world. Students work collaboratively as they creatively design, develop, and implement software solutions, such as mobile apps, games and robotics solutions. We combine hand-on experimentation with theory to provide a strong foundation to prepare students for successful careers.

Inflatable Defense and Tilt Snake are two mobile apps available on Google Play that CSIT students developed, and Puzzle Realms: A Cursed World is an Windows, Mac, and iOS game developed by a CSIT student.

The CS degree programs are based on the ACM CS curriculum guideline. Graduates in computer science interact with people from all organizational functions in designing and implementing computer-based solutions to problems.

Comprehensive Computer Science Major: 64 hours

Applied Computer Science Major: 36 hours

Computer Science Minor: 25 hours

Information Technology

The Information Technology program is designed for people who want a career in a variety of IT-related areas, such as system administration, computer security, web development, systems analysis, user support, database development, and more. It is concerned with helping users meet their IT needs within an organizational through the planning, selection, creation, application, integration and management of computing technologies. IT professionals can be found working in all types of organizations, including large corporations, hospitals, educational units and government agencies, small and medium sized companies, or alone as freelancers.

Information Technology Major: 36 credit hours

Information Technology Minor: 25 hours

Masters of Education - Information Technology & IT Supplemental Endorsement

Offered by the Department of Teacher Education in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

IT Teaching

  • Graduates provide and assist with education technology-related professional development; strategic planning components; coordinating and developing technology- oriented curricular plans; improvement of instruction; trans-curricular integration of technology; and instruction delivery.
  • Graduates manage and use I.T. resources in their classrooms, buildings, districts, or workplaces.
  • Graduates are involved with all instructional aspects of technology and related areas.
  • Graduates in the business world focus on designing and developing instruction, job aids, training aids, consulting, and similar training related issues.

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MS Ed Instructional Technology, Information Technology Concentration

Teacher Education Core Courses (12 hours)
Research: TE 800 Educational Research
Democracy: TE 868 Copyright, Fair Use, and Ethics
Diversity: TE 810 Design and Development of Instruction
Technology: TE 886P Technology Tools for Teachers

Instructional Technology Core Classes (9 hours)
TE 870 Developing Web-Based Portfolios
CSIS 840P Client - Side Web Application Development
TE 891 Field Experiences in Instructional Technology

Information Technology Concentration (15 hours)
CSIS 825P Data Base System (Prerequisite course needed)
CSIS 834P Information Technology Teaching (Prerequisite course needed)
CSIS 848P Computer System Administration (Prerequisite course needed)
CSIS 858P Computer Security (Prerequisite course needed)
Electives Courses (choose 1 class)

Nebraska IT Supplemental Endorsement Requirements

  • TE 810, Design and Development of Instruction - 3 hours
  • TE 868, Copyright, Fair Use, and Ethics - 3 hours
  • TE 886P, Technology Tools for Teachers - 3 hours
  • TE 891, Field Experiences in Instructional Technology - 3 hours
  • CSIT 825P, Database Systems - 3 hours
  • CSIT 834P, Information Technology Teaching Methods - 3 hours
  • CSIT 848P, System Administration - 3 hours
  • CSIT 858P, Computer Security - 3 hours
  • Take 1 course from:
    • TE 877, Developing Web-based Educational Environments - 3 hours
    • CSIT 840P, Client-side Web Application Development - 3 hours

See Teacher Education Program Information and Admission Requirements for more information about these programs.

Program Contact: Mary Volker
Department: Teacher Education
Email: volkermc@unk.edu
Phone: 308-865-8825
College of Education, B116,
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, NE 68849

For more information see http://aaunk.unk.edu/gradcatalogs/current/ed/mseit.asp