Dr. Akbar Javidi

Associate Professor

Office: LIBR MC 121   |    Phone: (308) 865-8408   |    Email: javidia@unk.edu

Dr. Akbar Javidi


I hold a bachelor’s degree in English from College of Translation in Tehran, a master’s degree in education from Oklahoma City University in Oklahoma City, and a Ph.D. in communication from the University of Oklahoma in Norman. 

Classes I teach:

I teach cross-cultural communication, intercultural communication, fundamentals of speech communication, interpersonal and relational communication, organizational communication and communication theory.

Why I teach Communication:

We are all members of a global society and the ability to communicate enhances our interactions.  Communicating is making connections with people.  If you cannot communicate, you cannot make connections with others.  Communication enhances not only professional relationships, but personal ones as well.  A conversation with a stranger may lead to a lifelong friendship or business relationship.  Communication is truly multidisciplinary because effective communication is needed in all types of careers.  In fact, communication skills are repeatedly cited as a determinant for employment and promotion. A major in communication allows graduates to work in numerous fields; a minor enhances the individual’s chosen field.  

My favorite thing about teaching at UNK:

I love teaching communication because I am able to teach what I am living.  Beyond that, my research impacts my teaching, which helps me become a better communicator in the practical space of the classroom. When my students see me studying, it inspires them to learn and motivates me to learn even more. Small classes allow me to interact on a one-on-one basis with my students and learn from them the same way that they learn from me.  The emphasis of UNK is on teaching, learning, and developing skills that will make our students' successes in their future careers and lives. Kearney is a caring, safe, friendly and family oriented community, which carries over into life and work at UNK.  It is a community of friendship and learning.