UNK Chemistry Club


Faculty Advisors: Dr. Hector Palencia and Dr. Mahesh Pattabiraman

About us: We are an organization of undergraduate chemistry students devoted to establishing a link between the community at large and chemistry as a profession. The American Chemical Society offers students the chance to be exposed to the different fields within Chemistry, the ability to apply for cutting edge jobs (as they become available), and the means for eating lots of pizza.

  • Chemistry club 2014 constitution (pdf)


President: Nizar Khayat


Vice President: Ryan Matzen


Treasurer: Makayla Carter


Secretary: Thais Murua


Historian: Andrew M. Riesenberg


Chemistry Club now has a Facebook group -- click here‚ to view and join.

UNK ChemClub meets every other Tuesday at 5:30 pm in BHS chemistry conference room.

Recent Events - UNK chem club in community

Lava lamp (Mar, 2015): Chem Club students practicing the 'lava lamp' experiment for fun and internal fund raising

Students working on the Lava Lamp Project Students working on the Lava Lamp Project
Students working on the Lava Lamp Project Students working on the Lava Lamp Project

Science Fair, Central City, NE (March 2015): Chem Club judging high school projects

Student at Central City Science Fair Student at Central City Science Fair

Elmwood High school Projects (Jan, 2015): Chem club students judging projects, and providing students feedback on their works.

registration table judge reviewing poster students standing by posters

Organization Fair (Jan, 2015)
UNK Chem Club students judging high school student projects. There were more than 25 projects.

students making ice cream the chemistry way chemistry chemistry

Early Science Awareness (2014)
Event organized by the chemistry department to introduce chemistry to elementary school children. Chem club students used Liquid Nitrogen to make some tasty ice cream. An estimated 80 bowls of ice cream were made and distributed to the attendees!

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