Praxis Subject Assessments FAQs

What are the Praxis Subject Assessments?

According to the website, the "Praxis Subject Assessments measure knowledge of specific subjects that K-12 educators will teach, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge."

Who should take the Praxis Subject Assessments?

As of September 1, 2015, passing scores on the Praxis Subject Assessments (formerly Praxis II) are required for educators receiving initial certification or additional field and subject endorsements (middle grades is the exception). UNK will not recommend students for certification before they have taken the appropriate Praxis Subject Assessments.

The Praxis Subject Assessments are not required for those receiving supplemental endorsements or the middle grades field endorsement. View a complete list of the Nebraska Praxis Subject Assessments by endorsement.

Which test should I take?

Determining which test to take is an important step before going through the registration process. Visit the website and choose the Nebraska State Testing Requirements, or go directly to the Nebraska Praxis Subject Assessments (content) requirements.

What can I expect on my test?

The ETS website and the Calvin T. Ryan Library offer free information on the Praxis Subject Assessments. You may also purchase materials through bookstores and online retailers, including

Where are the tests offered?

You may take the exam at UNK's testing center, located in the College of Education Building, C106, or at any other authorized testing center in the nation. Find testing centers in Nebraska and across the country.

When are the tests offered?

Test dates.

How much does the test cost?

The Praxis II test fees vary. View fees.

How do I register?

After you have determined which Praxis Subject Assessments you must take, register here. Remember your username and password so that you are able to retrieve your scores later.

How do I know if I passed?

Follow this link to Nebraska's passing scores: Passing scores in other states vary.

What if I did not pass?

If you do not pass, get more detailed information about your scores.  Log in at and click the arrow beside your test score to view your category scores.  Take advantage of the test prep materials on our website at  Consider starting with the Mometrix eLibrary (click "Teaching").