Communication Disorders

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Pre-Speech Language Pathology Coursework  

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Students are encouraged to begin in the Summer Session


CDIS 210 - Survey of Communication Disorders - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 252 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 261 - Normal Language Development - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 210 - Survery of Communication Disorders - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 215 - Introduction to Phonetics - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 354 - Preschool Language Disorders (Prerequisites: CDIS 261 or CDIS 352 or contact Dr. Crowe for Permission to enroll) - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 410 - Introduction to Audiology (Prerequisites: CDIS 252 and CDIS 335 or Contact Dr. Crowe for Permission to enroll) - 4 cr. hrs.
CDIS 210 - Survey of Communication Disorders - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 335 - Speech and Hearing Science (Prerequisite: CDIS 210, CDIS 252) - 4 cr. hrs.
CDIS 311 - Clinical Methods & Procedures in Communication Disorders (Prerequisite: CDIS 210) - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 362 - Articulation Disorders (Prerequisite: CDIS 215 and CDIS 261) - 3 cr. hrs.
CDIS 415 - Aural Rehabilitation (prerequisite: CDIS 210, CDIS 410) - 3 cr. hrs.

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Program Contact: Dr. Linda Crowe, Chair 
Department: Communication Disorders
Phone: 308-865-8300
Address: College of Education, UNK, Kearney, NE 68849