Experiential Hands-On Learning Labs

Lighting Lab

Student taking courses in the Interior Design Program have access to the lighting lab (located in Otto Olsen) which is used to teach lighting concepts. The room is equipped with drafting tables and computers as well as lighting fixtures and lamp combinations enabling them to see the effect of different types of light, levels of light and combinations that are not possible in the typical showroom. Student are able to experiment with the color of light using a light box.

The lighting lab has been made possible due to the generosity of Ken and Linda Anderson of Task Lighting in Kearney.

Lighting Lab Lighting Lab Lighting Lab Lighting Lab Lighting Lab Lighting Lab

Global Marketing Research Lab

The Global Marketing Research Lab (West Center 215E) provides students with hands-on learning opportunities. The room is equipped with a state-of-the-art Smart Board, conference table and a two-way mirror with an adjoining observation room with ear phones and TV monitor for collection focus group data. Not only can students learn the skills of conducting market research but they are able to fine tune their presentation skills using this facilities. The facility can also be utilized by regional businesses needing to conduct research.

Global Marketing Research Lab Global Marketing Research Lab Global Marketing Research Lab Global Marketing Research Lab Global Marketing Research Lab

Industrial Distribution Branch Office Simulation Lab

Student learn how an industrial sales branch office functions. Their experiential hands-on learning involves mock sales meeting, inventory management, storage, sales and experiencing the operations within a warehouse.

Industrial Distribution Branch Office Simulation Lab

Construction Management Lab

Aviation Flight Simulator

Student in the Aviation Systems Program use this lab to develop valuable flight skills. The simulations hours can be applied to their flight training hours which proves to be cost effective.

Aviation Lab

Data Networking Lab and VoIP Lab

Student in the Information Networking & Telecommunications Program learn in both the Telecom Lab and the VoIP Lab. They develop a complete understanding of the basics of voice, video and data networking. In addition, they learn how to program routers, switches and the basics of voice over internet protocol.

Data Networking Lab and VlIP Lab Data Networking Lab and VoIP Lab

Banker's Lab

The Banker's Lab (located in WSTC 232C) has been made possible through a generous donation from the Nebraska Banker's Association. This lab is used by business and economics students to complete a variety of hand-on assignments and projects. Special business software, which is used by business and industry, can be found on these machines so the students can develop software expertise prior to being employed by organization which use them.

Bankers Lab Bankers Lab Bankers Lab Bankers Lab Bankers Lab

Brewed Awakening

"Boldly Brewed and Always Awakening"

Brewed Awakening is the first and only student-run business on campus, operated by the UNK ENACTUS Team through their non-profit student Board of Directors. With support from university faculty and staff, the students have launched and grown this business (since opening in November 2011) providing an experiential learning opportunity for everyone involved. Student have the opportunity to work at the shop, gain experience as a non-profit Board Member, or serve on a supporting action committee (i.e. Marketing, Research or Social Media).

Brewed Awakening

Brewed Awaking Coffee Shop Spring 2015 - Health and Sports Center

Left to Right: Alicia Goodner (employee/board member), Maggie Fennessy (employee/Enactus President), Erica Hartman (Manager)

Bauhard Student Managed Investment Fund

The Bauhard Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) is a dynamic real-world professional learning opportunity. The fund, established in 2014, allows finance students to gain hand-on experience managing a stock portfolio. Students function as security analysts and portfolio managers. The SMIF is managed through two finance courses: Investments (FIN 480) and Portfolio Management (FIN 481). Students evaluate firms based on financial performance, specific company qualitative factors, industry conditions, and macroeconomic indicators. Students prepare and present professional stock analyses advocating a position in a company. Trading decisions are based on a 2/3 class vote. Future income generated from the SMIF will be utilized for student scholarships.

This fund is made possible through the generous donation of Bill Bauhard.

Click here for more information about the fund.

Bauhard SMIF

CRRD CBT Fabrication Studio

What is the CRRD CBT Fabrication Studio?

The fabrication studio is a part of the Center for Rural Research & Development and is hosted by the College of Business & Technology.  The lab began as an experiential tool for students within the Interior Design program.  However, the lab is now open to all faculty, staff and students on the UNK campus.  The fabrication studio also offers a space for entrepreneurs within Kearney to come and learn about the equipment and use the tools for their personal and professional businesses.  The space allows for students as well as others within the community to build concept or product models, signage, personalized gifts, lighting fixtures, furniture models, merchandisable goods. . . the opportunities are endless!  Pictures of the Lab.

Equipment provided in the lab:

  • Small Scale 3-D Scanner
  • Small Scale Laser Cutter (18" x 24" sheet)
  • Large Scale Laser Cutter (24" x 48" sheet)
  • 2 Small Scale 3-D Printers (8" x 8" x 8" build volume)
  • Large Scale 3-D Printer (24" x 24" x 24" build volume)
  • Small Scale CNC Router
  • Large Scale CNC Router
  • Vinyl Cutter

If you are interest in learning more about the fabrication studio or wish to be trained on the equipment, please contact Jeff Nordhues at nordhuesjd@unk.edu.