Executive Education Example and Sample Programs

UNK CBT Executive Education & Tailored Training Programs

The UNK College of Business & Technology Executive Education & Tailored Training Programs aims to deliver high value workshops to our stakeholders in the local community.  Programs offered through the CBT are non-credit offerings designed to help address the critical issues faced by local businesses, non-profits, and individuals in a hands-on, flexible program with a focus on direct application.

CBT faculty and staff members are trained experts in their domain of study, high quality instructors and proven organizational and individual researchers.  Further, the program is designed to offer customized training solutions to address critical challenges faced by our stakeholders.  Workshops, training interventions, or strategic planning exercises can be developed with the input of stakeholders to best address the developmental needs of the organization and its employees.

Example and Sample Program Offerings

Principled Negotiation - Greg Benson, Ed.D.

The workshop is eight hours in duration and can be taken across two sessions of four hours each, or as a single session of eight hours. If taken as two session workshop, it is recommended that the sessions take place within two weeks of each other. Each session will involve interactive participation from attendees. Based on the book developed by the Harvard Negotiating Project entitled, Getting to Yes; Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, participants at this workshop will learn about the four fundamentals of principled negotiating - Separate People from the Problem, Focus on Interest Not Positions, Invent Options for Mutual Gain, and Insist on the Use of Objective Criteria - and the importance of developing one's BATNA before entering into a situation that requires a well-developed negotiated solution.

Accounting Fundamentals - Steve Hall, Ph.D.

This seminar is designed for non-accountants who need to understand the basics in order to make high quality, data-driven decisions. Participants learn to read financial statements with an eye toward taking managerial action.

Social Media Marketing Communication - Heather (Schulz) Meyer, Ph.D.

This workshop is eight hours long, and can be taken in two, four-hour segments. Participants will learn how social media functions as a potential tool for marketing communications. Topics will include social networks, podcasts, video sharing, white papers, etc. Several case studies will be analyzed, and participants will be required to generate new content examples that apply the tips and techniques learned throughout the workshop. General principles of marketing and advertising will also be covered as foundational elements.

Qualitative Research Methods - Heather (Schulz) Meyer

This workshop is eight hours long, and can be taken in two, four-hour segments. Fundamentals of qualitative research will be covered. This includes interview, focus groups, ethnographic observation, and content assessment. In addition, we will go over skills for designing and conducting a qualitative research project based on the books, Naturalistic Inquiry and Qualitative Interviewing: the Art of Hearing Data. Participants will also practice the technique of coding data and uncovering thematic results.

PREPARE/ENRICH - Sylvia Asay, Ph.D.

PREPARE/ENRICH is a customized couple assessment program and one of the most widely used programs for premarital counseling and marital education. PREPARE/ENRICH is designed for clergy, counselors, family life educators and social workers who work with couples preparing for marriage or married couples who need help. with the PREPARE/ENRICH day-long workshop you'll get thorough training on the program, providing you with the skills you need to interpret the results for couples. CEUs are available.

Effective Performance Evaluations - Noel Palmer, Ph.D.

Managers understand the importance of employee evaluations . . . maybe. Some value them as a means of avoiding a lawsuit, others value them as a way to hold employees accountable for goals they've put in writing, and others see them as a means of providing structure around professional development. This workshop starts by reviewing some of the primary means, pitfalls, and purposes of performance evaluations. next, two particular approaches to performance evaluations are discussed. First, performance evaluations are discussed within the context of goal-setting. next, performance evaluations are discussed as a tool for professional development. This is a four-hour seminar that can be expanded into an eight-hour seminar presented in two four-hour blocks. In the eight-hour seminar, the topic of feedback is added, where good vs. bad feedback and the importance of feedback for performance are discussed.

Managing for Individual Performance Improvement - Noel Palmer, Ph.D.

The field of management encompasses a very broad spectrum of topics, from the individual to the organizational levels, and from general to extremely specific topics. Where does one begin when trying to follow the path of evidence-based management? The purpose of this seminar is to highlight a number of management concepts that have been demonstrated through research as having the greatest effect on individual performance improvement. Concepts including goal-setting, self-efficacy, and feedback are just a few that are demonstrated as having strong, positive impact. The seminar is adaptable as a four or eight-hour seminar, with the longer seminar including more concepts. The concepts covered in this seminar can also be adapted depending upon interest in affective outcomes of job performance or attrition/retention.

Leadership Lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan - Noel Palmer, Ph.D.

Leadership in dangerous contexts may seem unrelated to a typical workplace setting, but the dangerous context offers a way to distill the routine environment, helping us extract essential components of effective leadership. Using his experiences as an officer in the United States Army and as a scholar who conducts research in leadership, Dr. Palmer highlights important aspects of effective leadership in organizations. The seminar is intended to help leaders reflect on their leadership style, understand their obligations as leaders, and provide methods for improving leadership effectiveness. This is a four-hour seminar.

Rapid Prototyping Technology (RPT) - Jeff Nordhues, MID

These workshops each consist of one four-hour session. Each workshop is independent and will contain interactive mini lectures and hand-on learning project. The three workshops are:

  • 3d Scanning
  • 3d Printing
  • Laser Cutting

Participants will walk away with a contextual understanding of the technology as well as hand-on experience utilizing the equipment. Additional emphasis topics can be customized as needed and include - software considerations and workflow integration/process, open-source vs. proprietary software, equipment and technology, and RPT in context of new product development in general or with a specific angle geared toward attendees existing workflow.

Design Thinking - Jeff Nordhues, MID

These workshops each consist of one four-hour session. Each workshop is independent and will consist of hands-on participatory learning with minimal forward facing lecture content. The three workshops are:

  • Ideation
  • Understanding
  • Experimentation

These workshops are based on the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford's Design Thinking Mix Tapes and general design thinking methodologies. The Ideation workshop looks at new ways to frame existing problems, how to ask the right questions, and brainstorming techniques. The Understanding workshop exposes participants to meaningful tools for empathizing with customers/users/participants to gain valuable insight into how something actually is. In the Experimentation workshop attendees explore and utilize failing forward, failing quickly, and co-creation prototyping methods to advance development. The workshops are best experienced when tailored to a specific project that is in the infancy stages. It is also highly recommended that not only engineering, design, & marketing/merchandising participate, but also executive team members that start, steer, and stop development cycles.

Building a Positive Work Place - Kyle Luthans, Ph.D.

Dr. Luthans' is a recognized expert in the field of psychological human capital. This workshop is designed to help organization recognize the value of positive psychological states in the workplace. The workshop will provide tangible managerial solutions to could up employees in the areas of resilience, hope, gratitude, and meaningfulness.

Strategic Planning - Tim Burkink, Ph.D.

Dr. Burkink offers a customizable approach to strategic planning and can help your organization work on mission definition, mission refinement, and will work to help you define key goals and objectives. The program can also be leveraged to assist with the development strategic plans aimed at enhancing competitive strategy, developing market segmentation, or new market development.