Wildlife Society

Wildlife Society LogoThe University of Nebraska at Kearney Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society is an affiliate of The Wildlife Society, Inc. TWS is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization comprised of professionals serving the resource management fields, especially wildlife ecology and management.

  • To enhance and develop an interest in and a better understanding of wildlife science.
  • Encourage professionalism and help create a good understanding of employers' needs.
  • Encourage communication between members and non-members.
  • Evaluate and respond to issues that could affect wildlife or wildlife habitats.


Meetings are held every first and third Thursday of the month at 5:00 PM in Bruner Hall of Science, Room 308. Times and dates for meetings are posted one week prior throughout Bruner Hall of Science and on the Biology Department bulletin board. Meetings are only held during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Officers and Members


President: Jeremy Powell
Vice President: Jacob Keating
Secretary: Cody Dreier
Treasurer: Jenny Frisch
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joseph Springer




Brittney Adams adamsbn@lopers.unk.edu
Nicholas J Banaszak banaszaknj@lopers.unk.edu
Nathan J Bell bellnj@lopers.unk.edu
Tyler W Brown browntw@lopers.unk.edu
Michael J Buck buckmj@lopers.unk.edu
Brock D Burney burneybd@lopers.unk.edu
Carly A Churchill churchillca@lopers.unk.edu
Brian L Diggins digginsbl@lopers.unk.edu
Cody Dreier dreierca@lopers.unk.edu
Helen K Dubas dubashk@lopers.unk.edu
Allison J Dush dushaj@lopers.unk.edu
Jenny Frisch frischjd@lopers.unk.edu
Jordan D Gibb gibbjd@lopers.unk.edu
Ethan L Haarberg haarbergel@lopers.unk.edu
Nathan E Harms harmsne@lopers.unk.edu
Hunter Spady hunterspady@gmail.com
Michael D Hynes hynesmd@lopers.unk.edu
Jacob Keating keatingjd@lopers.unk.edu
Brett Klima klimab2@lopers.unk.edu
Devan J Oligmueller oligmuelledj@lopers.unk.edu
Jeremy Powell powelljl@lopers.unk.edu
Alan R Ruda rudaar@lopers.unk.edu
Catelynn R Schroeder schroedercr@lopers.unk.edu
Kelsey Seifert seifertk.2@gmail.com
Landis R Slepicka slepickalr@lopers.unk.edu
Kyle C Stohs stohskc@lopers.unk.edu
Shane P Weyrich weyrichsp@lopers.unk.edu
August Wilson wilsonan2@lopers.unk.edu

Minutes & Events


Latest Minutes:

Volunteer and Job Information

Jobs Opportunities:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Local Volunteer Contacts:

  • Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
    3423 2nd Ave.
    Kearney, NE 68847
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    2610 Ave. Q
    Kearney, NE 68847
  • The Audubon Society (Rowe Sanctuary)
    RR 2 Box 146
    Gibbon, NE
  • Crane Meadows Nature Center
    9775 South Alda Road
    Wood River, NE 68883

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