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Dr. Wyatt Hoback

Dr. Wyatt Hoback

Bruner Hall of Science, 343
(308) 865-8602

Areas of Interest:
  • Entomology, Limology


  • Hoback, W. W.  2002.  Review of “Tiger Beetles: the Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity of the Cicindelids by David L. Pearson and Alfried P. Vogler  Quarterly Review of Biology 77:335.

Sites of Interest:
Dissertation & Thesis:
  • Hoback, W. W.  1999.  Ecophysiology of habitat use and competition in an assemblage of salt marsh tiger beetle species (Cicindela togata, Cicindela circumpicta).  Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 239 pp.
  • Hoback, W. W.  1995.  Hypoxia-limited survival, respiration, and mate-guarding behavior in the amphipod Gammarus pseudolimnaeus Bousfield.  M. S. Thesis, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield. 95 pp.
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