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Rick Simonson

Rick Simonson

Senior Lecturer
Bruner Hall of Science, 334
(308) 865-8943

Areas of Interest:
  • Scientific Illustration

  • Simonson, R. L.  1999.  Cloning and sequencing of glutamine synthetase cDNAs from Celtis occidentalis, Tribulus terrestris, and Juglans nigra.  M. S. Thesis. University of Nebraska at Kearney. 32 pp.
  • Peterson, B. C., Cecrle, J. P., Simonson, R. L., Hossain, S. A., and Nagel, H. G.  2008.  Biological control of purple loosestrife using native white-lined sphinx moth larvae.  Proceedings of the North American Prairie Conference 20:1-18.
  • Simonson, R. L., & Twigg, P.  1999.  Cloning and sequencing of a glutamine synthetase cDNA (Accession No. AF169795) from Juglans nigra. (PGR99-144).  Plant Physiology 121:313.
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