Dr. Nate Bickford

Associate Professor

Office: BHS 319   |    Phone: (308) 865-8410   |    Email: bickfordna@unk.edu

Dr. Nate Bickford


Advisor for Wildlife Biology Majors

Areas of Interest:

  • Raptor Research
  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Agricultural Conservation
  • Landscape Conservation


Professional Affiliations:

Dissertation and Thesis:

  • Bickford, N.  2004.  Linkages between hydrology and essential fish habitat:  Spring River, Arkansas.  Ph.D. Dissertation, Arkansas State University.
  • Bickford, N.  2000.  Survey of gastrointestinal helminths in small mammals in Watauga County, NC and changes in parasite populations due to changes in host species and changes in the season.  M.S. Thesis, Appalachian State University.


  • Bickford, N. A., Smith, L., Bickford, S., Bice, M., and Ranglack, D. H.  2017.  Evaluating the role of CSR and SLO in ecotourism: collaboration for economic and environmental sustainability of Arctic resources.  Resources 6(2): 21.
  • Hogan, J., Blum, M., Gilliam, J., Bickford, N., and McIntyre, P.  2014.  Consequences of alternative dispersal strategies in a putatively amphidromous fish.  Ecology 95(9):2397-2408.
  • Collins, S., Bickford, N., McIntyre, P., Coulon, A., Ulseth, A., Taphorn, D., and Flecker, A.  2013.  Population structure of a neotropical migratory fish: contrasting perspectives from genetics and otolith microchemistry.  Transaction of American Fisheries 142(5):1192-1201.
  • Beaulaurier, J., Bickford, N., Gregg, J.L., Grady, C.A., Gannam, A., Winton, J.R., and Hershberger, P.K.  2012.  Susceptibility of Pacific herring to viral hemorrhagic septicemia is influenced by diet.  Journal for Aquatic Animal Health 24(1):43-48.
  • Brown, R., Bickford, N., and Severin, K.  2007.  Otolith trace element chemistry as an indicator of anadromy in Yukon River drainage coregonine fishes.  Transactions of American Fisheries Society 136(3):678-690.
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  • Christian, A.D., Bouldin, J., Bickford, N., McCord, S.B., Sako, A., and Ferris, J.  2003.  Winter and spring water quality of Big Creek watershed, Craighead County, AR: nutrients, habitat, and macroinvertebrates.  Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Sciences 57:27-36.