Accounting Emphasis

Accounting is the professional activity which generates and analyzes financial information for making business decisions and reporting financial results.


Accountants may choose to pass a professional board examination and become certified. For example, students study in our department to become:

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  • Certified Management Accountants (CMA)
  • Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)
  • Certified Internal Auditors (CIA)

The Nebraska State Board of Public Accountancy requires completion of a college degree with 150 credit hours of coursework prior to taking the CPA exam. Certification, however, is optional. some students choose accounting careers without it by working in private or governmental accounting, as noted below.


  • Private Accounting: Manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, service firms, banks and other financial institutions.
  • Public Accounting: Auditing, management advisory services, and tax consultation.
  • Governmental Accounting: City, county, state and federal government agencies.

A small selection of employers of UNK Accounting Graduates


BKD Dana F. Cole & Co.
Countryman Associates, P.C. Dohman, Akerlund & Eddy
Grant Thorton Larsen, Schroeder & Associates, P. C.
McDermott & Miller P.C. Nebraska Department of Revenue
Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc.


The Buckle, Inc. Coleman Powermate Co.
U.S. Comptroller of the Currency Curtis & Associates
FBI U. S. Internal Revenue Service
U. S. Federal Deposit Insurance Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
Prudential Insurance Company


Baldwin Filters Deloitte & Touche
Eaton corporation Ernst & Young
KPMG Price Waterhouse Coopers

Students at KPMG and BKD in Lincoln and Omaha 2014.

Accounting Suggested Class Rotation Schedule (4 yr. Bachelor’s)

Freshman (Fall) 16 hours

Freshman (Spring) 16 hours

ENG 101 Expository Writing I

ENG 102 Expository Writing II

Math Sequence**

Math Sequence**

**Depending on Proper Placement for Math

**Depending on Proper Placement for Math

Social Science (non-ECON) GS

SPCH 100 GS or ITECH 290

Aesthetic GS

Natural Science (with Lab) GS

BSAD 100 Exploring Business (1 cr hr)

Democracy in Perspective

GS 188 Portal Course

Sophomore (Fall) 15 hours

Sophomore(Spring) 15 hours

ACCT 250 Principles of Accounting I

ACCT 251 Principles of Accounting II

ECON 270 GS Macroeconomics

ECON 271 GS Microeconomics

MGT 233 Business Statistics

Humanities: GS


BSED 295 Business Communications

Natural Science (non-lab) GS

MIS 302 Principles of Management Information Systems

Junior (Fall) 15 hours

Junior (Spring) 15 hours

ACCT 350 Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 351 Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 391 Accounting Information Systems (F)

ACCT 352 Cost Accounting (S)

ACCT 311 Business Law

MKT 300 Marketing

FIN 308 Principles of Finance

MGT 301 Management

Capstone GS: (ACCT 388 recommended)

Accounting elective or Free elective

Senior (Fall) 15 hours

Senior (Spring) 13hours

ACCT 451 Tax Accounting (F)

MGT 495 Policy

MGT 314 Operations Management

MGT 493 Social Responsibility/Ethics

ECON 300/400 level (430 if staying for MBA)

ACCT 470 Auditing (S)

Accounting elective or Free Elective

BSAD 400

Accounting elective or Free Elective

Accounting elective or Free elective

** Business Computer Proficiency exam must be completed and pass with a score of 70% before you can take MIS 302.

**Depending on Proper Placement for Math

In order to help plan your schedule, those courses only offered certain semesters have been marked. Courses designated with F or S mean
(F) =Fall Only, (S) =Spring Only. All other courses are typically offered both Fall and Spring Semesters.

PLEASE READ: This suggested course of study is only a guide for the student in planning an individual program of study. It is not intended to replace the provisions of the official UNK catalog, or relieve the student of the responsibility to insure that all proper courses are completed in satisfaction of the degree program requirements. Completing fewer courses per semester than suggested will necessitate more courses in subsequent semesters, summer coursework, or enrolling for additional semesters. All students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor at least once each semester.

Students need to keep in mind the following specific rules for obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting:

  1. You must take at least 50% of your Business Administration Core and Accounting classes from UNK.
  2. You must take at least 30 of your last 36 hours from UNK.
  3. You must take at least 63 hours outside of the Business area. This means you must have at least 63 hours of courses that do not have a prefix of ACCT, BSAD,FIN, MKTBMGT, BASM, BSED, MIS and ECON. However, you may count MGT 233, MGT 334 and up to 9 hours of Economics in the 63 hours.
  4. You must have at least a 2.0 GPA in your Accounting emphasis coursework, 2.0 in your Business Administration comprehensive major, and in your overall GPA.
  5. You must have 12 hours of Writing Intensive (WI) and 6 hours of Cultural Diverse (CD) courses in order to graduate.
  6. Refer to your catalog for all general rules that apply for graduation.

**Suggested Math/Business Statistics Sequence for Accounting & Finance Students

Students have varying Math backgrounds when they come to UNK as freshmen. Accounting and Finance students are required to take MATH 123 Applied Calculus (MATH 115 Calculus I with Analytical Geometry is also acceptable as a substitute for MATH 123). However, not all freshmen students are prepared to take a calculus class as their first math course. Most students will follow one of the following two sequences with regard to their Math and Business Statistics courses. Check with your advisor or the department chair if you have questions.

1st Sequence

MATH 102 College Algebra Fall, Freshman Yr

MATH 123 Applied Calculus Spring, Freshman Yr

MGT 233 Business Statistics Fall, Sophomore Yr


2nd Sequence

MATH 123 Applied Calculus Fall, Freshman Yr

MGT 233 Business Statistics Spring, Freshman Yr

Math Placement Many students are not sure which math course they should start with in college. Below is a summary of the math placement guidelines for students. The Math Department also gives a placement exam if you are unsure of what course to begin with. Contact the Math Department at 865-8531.

MATH 123 Applied Calculus Have successfully completed MATH 102 College Algebra, or had an ACT Math score of 22 or higher, and 4 years of high school math, including 2 years of algebra, 1 year of geometry, and a senior level pre-calculus or calculus course.

MATH 102 College Algebra Have successfully completed MATH 101 Intermediate Algebra, or had an Act Math score of 20 or higher and have had at least 2 years of algebra in high school.

MATH 101 Have successfully completed MATH 090 Elementary Algebra, or had an ACT Math score of 17-19 and have had at least 1 year of Algebra in high school.