Academic Affairs

Program Form Instructions

Instructions for completion of 
"Request to Create, Alter, or Discontinue an Undergraduate Academic Program" Form

  1. A separate form must be filed for each program (Bachelor degree, Endorsement, Pre-professional Program or minor) needing changes. If multiple changes are to be made to a program, they should all be addressed on one form.
  2. Fill in the request. Discontinuation means that the program will not be offered in the future; Inactivation means that the program will continue to appear on the SIS system, but will not appear in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  3. Complete Program Title as it appears in the Future Undergraduate Catalog.
  4. Degree. This line will be blank for non-degree programs such as minors or pre-professional programs.
  5. Complete Reason for creation, alteration, discontinuation or inactivation of this program, a short statement that makes sense without the supporting materials, for inclusion on the minutes distributed to the university community. When appropriate attach student outcome data and/or accreditation criteria to support requested program action.
  6. If program is being created or altered, attach the complete program, not just the section to be altered. Strikethrough courses to be removed from the program. Bold courses to be added. Note, General Studies courses must be clearly marked as required by the major in order to be checked by degree audit. No attachment is necessary if the program is to be discontinued or inactivated.
  7. Circulate the form to all other departments that offer classes listed on either the current program or the proposed program to make them aware of the request.
  8. Approvals: Please note that the Dean of COE must sign any request regarding an endorsement or elementary education minor. Place a check before that line if COE signature will be required.
  9. Forms must be received by the Registrar's Office 3 weeks prior to the scheduled Academic Affairs Committee meeting to be on the agenda.

NOTE: Program assessment plans for new or altered programs must be submitted to the Office of Assessment six months after final program approval.