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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Committee

Chaired by the Chancellor, UNK’s Strategic Planning Committee developed our Phase I statement of mission, vision, and goals.  The statement reflects broad campus input and dialogue as well as systematic analysis and deliberation within the SPC. In Phase II the SPC served as a key advisory body for implementation planners.

Douglas Kristensen, Chancellor -- Chair

Amber Lewis, Student Regent

Janet Steele, Department of Biology

Julie Shaffer, Department of Biology

Richard Miller, Department of Psychology

Rob Luscher, Department of English

Scott Darveau, Department of Chemistry

Susan Jensen, Department of Management

Dennis Potthoff, Department of Teacher Education

John Oseth, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

Finnie Murray, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Life

Barbara Johnson, Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance

Peter Longo, Interim Dean of Students

Deb Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services

Jeanne Butler, Director of Assessment

Jon Abegglen, Vice President, University of Nebraska Foundation

Kenya Taylor, Dean of Graduate Studies/Research

Ed Scantling, Dean, College of Education

Francis Harrold, Dean, College of Natural and Social Sciences