Risk Management

Risk Management is an insurance and loss-control/prevention discipline that collaborates with UNK departments to minimize adverse effects of loss upon the UNK’s human, physical and financial assets through: identification of loss potential; loss evaluation, prevention, and reduction; loss funding and risk financing; and claims control.


  • To protect the financial and physical assets of UNK by identifying, preventing and managing liability exposures.
  • To develop and administer the property, casualty and liability insurance program for UNK.
  • To investigate, evaluate and resolve professional and general liability claims brought against UNK.
  • To assist outside counsel in the defense of UNK’s professional, general liability and property claims.
  • To recommend corrective action to problems identified through risk management activities.
  • To review UNK policies, procedures and forms to address possible liability exposures.
  • To collaborate and cooperate with other UNK departments in developing mechanisms to assess, evaluate and reduce loss potential.

The role of Risk Management is to protect and conserve the human, property and financial resources of the University of Nebraska at Kearney. To this end the University uses a variety of financing methods that include self-insurance and commercial insurance. It is important that all faculty and staff understand their defined responsibilities in the Risk Management program in order to protect and conserve the assets of the University. The Risk Management office is responsible for coordinating all of the various plans covering the property, students, and personnel across the Campus. During the process of obtaining and renewing the coverage’s, the Risk Management office will contact and work with various offices or departments, to obtain information necessary to ensure proper coverage. Once coverage is obtained, in some instances, department(s) may be responsible for the day to day administration of the plan. Following is a list of the insurance plans and who is responsible for the day to day activities once the plan is implemented.


Liability-General Risk Management
Property Risk Management
Vehicles Facilities/Transportation Services
Fraud Risk Management
Cyber-Insurance Information Technology
Student Athletes Athletics
Student Health Counseling & Health Care
Student Travel Business Services
Workers Compensation Risk Management
Aviation Risk Management
Professional Liability/Clinical Medical Risk Management
Daycare Business Services