Records Retention

Many different types of University records are to be maintained for a specified period of time. The links provide information on how long certain types of records need kept, how to dispose of records either meeting or without an associated retention schedule and resources.

Steps to Record Destruction

  • Review the Records Retention Schedule
  • Complete a Records Disposition Report located at the end of each schedule or on Sapphire.
  • Send the Records Disposition Report to the UNK Records Office, Deb Huryta, Office of Equity and Compliance, Warner Hall 2113D
  • The UNK Records Officer will notify you when you can begin destruction of records. (see link for disposal resources)
  • The UNK Records Officer is responsible for filing the Records Disposition Forms with the Secretary of State.

Record Retention Policy

Records Retention Schedules

Disposal Resources

  • On campus - If a department chooses to destroy their own records, the University recommends utilizing a cross-cut shredder.
  • Shredding Services
    • Data Shield - 402-898-5000 (one time purges and routine service may be arranged)
    • Great White Shredding (Woodward's Disposal) 402-898-5000 (routine service)
    • The chosen vendor will directly bill the department for the services provided. These costs should be paid directly from department funds (there are no special funds for this).
    • The chosen vendor will provide a certification document to the department for Verification. (The bill will double as the certification).